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Carrot in a Cake – Carrot Cake!

April 1, 2013

TEST So Easter is said and done, but I’m not ready to move on just yet.  Rather than call this an Easter cake, I’ll call it a SPRINGTIME, It’s 60 degrees outside (YAY!) cake!

I made white cake batter and tinted it orange, baked it on a cookie sheet that was roughly the size of a jelly roll pan (I don’t know what a jelly roll pan actually IS, I found a measurement online and wung it.)  SO! Orange tinted cake in a fairly large flat pan.  It took 18-20 minutes to cook and mine was not uniformly flat, it raised up in the center some, but it worked out fine for me.  I used a carrot shaped cookie cutter and cut out as many carrots as I could get.  Here starts the pictures:

I put a little chocolate cake batter in the bottom of the pan so they’d stand up nicely and lined the bottom of a long loaf pan with the carrots, pointy sides up.  Then I added the rest of the cake batter, and then maybe 3/4 of ANOTHER cake batter.  The loaf pan is LONG, it’s a LOT of cake!

I had enough batter left to make 6 little cupcakes, too.

We decided since this was a LOT of cake and we wouldn’t be able to get through it all before it went stale, we’d cut it in half and freeze part for next time we need some tasty cake!  So heeeeere’s the big carrot reveal!!

When you turn it out of the pan, the carrots are right-side-up again!

Big Girl helped decorate the top – she put a layer of chocolate glaze that slowly oozed over the sides to look a little like shiny, scrumptious mud.

Then she layered some crushed oreos on top while the glaze was still wet, and just a small handful of green sprinkles to look like grass trying to peek through.

Little Girl used a similar decorating technique on the cupcakes:

The carrot leaves were melted candy wafers put in a plastic or piping bag and squirted out on to foil to make the leafy shape.  We slit starter-holes for those, then poked em right in and added just one small bunny cupcake pic.

Not only it is ADORABLE, but everyone that’s tried it (The girls and hubs) has said YUM!!

I’m thinking this is a great springtime dessert, or for a garden or tea party.  There’s lots of ways we could decorate the top, with chocolates or candy flowers, and of course I’m pondering other  things we can “plant” inside.


Polkadotty Goodness!

February 18, 2013

For ha-ha’s I showed Big Girl the pinterest pin of the polkadot cake on Once Upon A Pedestal.  That cake is amazing, and I knew there’d be no way mine would ever look like that, but when anyone asked what kind of party she was going to have she’d tell them I was making a polkadot cake.

Thankfully my neighbor Karen had the ball pan for me to borrow:

and then Bobbie Jo bought me my very OWN ball pan – it was awesome to make 2 batches at once, cut my time in half!

The main tip I have is *don’t read the suggestions in the comments of the original post*  I started 2nd guessing myself,  should I freeze the balls, should I undercook them, fret, question, doubt…  Don’t read the comments!!  Don’t put frozen balls in the mix, they’ll lower the temperature of the mix and it’ll take forever for the cakes to cook.

AND the balls will start rising to the top in the center when the outter edges start to cook.  It’ll make ya crazy!

and you’ll have to saw off the top of some of the balls cuz they tried to escape.

Frost and lookit that girl smile cuz she knows the surprise inside her cake!

It’s hard cutting a cake this tall and taking its picture at the same time.  I had to wait til it laid down.

Our family was impressed, and the cake was YUM, if I do say so myself.

even later on after everyone else went home!


Cake Camp

July 25, 2012

There’s a little cupcake shop around the corner from the scrapbook store where I work.  Customers will frequently wander over there to get a snack and always come back with some pretty impressive looking cupcakes.  Imagine Big Girl’s surprise when she found out that the Cake Gypsy was having several days and themes of camp over the summer.  (Big Girl has wanted to own her own cupcake store since before she knew there *were* cupcake stores!)  Even though there’s a couple dozen different classes, thankfully for my wallet and my waistline, she chose 2 days to attend…

First day was Angry Birds and she frosted, filled and decorated a half dozen cupcakes.  The fondant figures were really really good!

2nd day was tie dye and she frosted/fondanted her own little cake!

(She also chose her outfit to match, and wore her own apron the 2nd day!)  She had tons of fun and we have to thank the cupcake lady for her patience and allowing her to come since she’s a little on the young side for what the bakery had requested.  It hasn’t occurred to Big Girl that she might be able to sign up for another class, she’s already planning which ones she wants to take next year and we are enjoying her very special treats, made with love!

Growing Bean

February 21, 2012

my big girl has been borderline sick for a couple of weeks now – a fit of coughing here and there, a runny nose from time to time, but this a.m. she woke up with dark circles under her eyes and just looking worse for wear.  i could tell she didn’t feel good because she didn’t put up a fight to go to school.  a trip to the dr and a round of antibiotics for a sinus infection and she’s good to go…. i hope.

after her sister left for kindergarten she had a quiet lunch and a rest in front of the tv watching Food Network  and working on a little knitting –  i swear she has the soul of a dear little old lady – she was perkier and i thought we should do a little something together.  she’s always been my crafty little buddy,  she listens, she tries, it takes a lot for her to get frustrated.  we don’t have much time alone together any more, i miss my crafting pal.  she got a “make your own lip balm” kit from one of her friends for her birthday and we made 6 little pots of lip balm.  holy sweet stinky mess, but she is so proud of her results and told her sister:  “i actually made all these lip glosses!”  we’re gonna have to keep them under lock and key.  i can see her sister coming out sporting an entire little pot on her face and hands….

this big girl turned 7 earlier this month and i can’t wrap my head around that.  when the dr asked today how old she was and she answered, i nearly corrected her.  she can’t be 7 whole years old.  i don’t know how that happened.  she had a pajama party themed birthday party with 5  friends, and it was a hoot.  7 little girls in their jammies + a karaoke machine + glow stick bracelets in the dark = hilarious.

beforehand we put banners in the livingroom

and it only *slightly* looks like a used car lot.

we had pizza and make-your-own sundaes and did some Make It and Bake Its.

when the directions say there might be a smell, believe it.  when there’s 7 of them in your oven and the stink surrounds your kitchen, it may make you question your sanity. and crack a window.  *p.u!*

the girls and i made these personalized spoons for the goodie bags with the small boxes of sugar-cereal and bowls.  we also included a pair of fuzzy socks, very pajama-party-ish!


maybe in a few years, these girls will sleep over, but we sent them home after 2 hours of fun and frivolity and Kid Songz.  That was all this mama could handle.

happy birthday little bean, we love you.

(and feel better soon!)

can’t win em all…

October 12, 2011

oh, pinterest, you let me down…  i’ve been thinking a lot about carrot cake this week, and all desserts containing carrots.  i found some pictures on pinterest that looked downright naughty, they looked so tasty.  i gathered ingredients and got to work on some carrot cake cookies.  don’t they sound dreamy??

they look like they have potential…

i tried a batch in muffin tins so they’d keep a nice round shape to make cream cheese frosting sandwiches.  i did another batch on a cookie sheet, and odearlord they s  p  r  e  a  d  out all over the place into one giant cookie.  so yeah.  i know my way around a kitchen, i followed the recipe to the letter and this one just didn’t pan out…  a little bland, kinda a mess and a big disappointment.  guess i’ll have to keep trying.

the cream cheese frosting is a keeper, though!


you had me at caramel apple…

August 5, 2011

SO!  in searching for “things to put in canning jars”, i found this cute little idea for ways to work up a caramel apple cake.  WICKED easy, and SO tasty.  carmel cake mix, 2 for $4 at the grocery store, and DELICIOUS just as-is:

(duncan hines is not paying me to say that, but it would be awesome if they did.)

it’s cake-y, but also slightly coffee cake-y so it’s a great breakfast food! 😉

i followed the directions for cupcakes and i also made a 1/2 pan of mini muffins.  caramel apple cake in all sizes! =D  THEN!!!  i made some cream cheese frosting, and got these little caramel bits:

do yourself a favor and buy 2 bags, you’ll eat the first bag right from the package.

make a plate for yourself and set it aside.  enjoy during a quiet moment.

then for the rest, get your containers ready and pile it allllll in:

if you take it outside to take its picture, your neighbors will ask you what you’ve got there, it sure looks good…

those tiny ones fit just fine in a push pop container…

but here’s the warning – you might want more than 1 this way!

treats for the brace-faced

June 15, 2011

so.  i got braces last friday afternoon.  i was not 100% sure that would be the day, i thought it would be molds and pictures and xrays, but walked out with my upper teeth all braced up.  i might’ve been in denial, or maybe i really didn’t think about it (that’s probably it), but i was not prepared.  i had no advil in my purse, i had no soft snacks or foods, i had even just bought a new pack of gum.  i knew i’d be uncomfortable, but




my inner cheeks were kinda chewed up, but i’m a nervous biter, so it’s usually chewed up in there anyway.  but the ache, omaude, the ache.  all this complaining just to tell you that i don’t care for any soft foods, and i’ve been a crabby crab crab for the past 4 days.  in the beginning i could only eat whatever i could squoosh on the roof of my mouth with my tongue.  soooo…  strawberry shortcake.

and i put it in the push pop containers because everything is better in push pop containers and i have enough of them to make 80bazillion this way. mmmmm…..

the whip cream flattened out a little, next time i’ll add more.  and maybe a little strawberry juice.

perfect soft-ish treat for folks who don’t like soft food.  things are settling down and not as painful, but i think i’ll enjoy a few more of these!