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Celebrate Good Times, C’MON!

March 6, 2013

sesame blog

The most EXCITING news I’ve had EVER (maybe not ever, but RECENTLY!!) is that I was selected to be a Sesame Place Blog Ambassador for this season and ohhhhh my goodness I’m so psyched I can barely sleep!  I’ll go down there to visit and play and see my buddies Grover and Bert with the girls and maybe some other folks, then I’ll tell you all about it.  As a little yippee and hooray, I made cupcakes today.

I got the Elmo picks at the big opening of HOBBY LOBBY a couple weekends ago (along with EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD) and I’ve been saving the ABC, 123 sprinkles for just such an occasion.

There have been some difficult and weird times at hunny’s job, morale is strange at the moment so he thought it would be nice to bring a treat to the guys he has lunch with every day.  I stopped in at lunchtime today to drop some off and they enjoyed the Elmo cupcakes a whole bunch.  The girls each had one as a bedtime snack, but they just thought it was because mom felt like making cupcakes.  I’m keeping our several visits to Elmo’s house a secret for now!


Fresh Lemons – Kitchen Re-decor

July 17, 2012

The time had been coming for a while.  The girls had outgrown their table in the kitchen.  This was a great spot for them – breakfast while I unloaded the dishwasher, a place for crafts and important little-girl work, somewhere to sit and visit…

Big Girl could barely get her legs under the table, and with plates and cups at dinnertime, it was getting a little crowded for them.  After an infuriating time with, 3 cracked tables in 3 orders and a suggestion that we not try to buy that table from them any more, we went with an unfinished furniture place and Hunny got to use his air-paint-sprayer-thingie.  We matched the table top to the chairs in the old set, and the legs are some white paint I think we just had kicking around.  He did a great job!

Our walls are plaster so it takes a little more than the whack of a nail to hang anything, one girl is eagerly awaiting a new spot for her calendar.  What our kitchen totally needs is 3 calendars in 9 square feet of space.  We’re just like that.

Big Girl painted that watermelon in first grade art class, and since it’s always been her favorite fruit and we seem to go through 11 lb watermelons in a matter of a couple days, I thought it needed to be framed.  I cut it out of the big art paper and matted it on some scrapbooking paper.  Gawd bless those IKEA frames, I think 90% of the pictures on our walls are hung in IKEA frames.

The fake flowers are just cuz… the table feels so big and there’s so much space, so why not put dust catchers on there?

Let me tell you about those cafe curtains.

They’re kitchen towels.  Target has done me wrong with the whole table debacle, I’m so mad at them and yet, I can’t totally quit them.  The cafe curtains are actually kitchen towels from Target.  I had planned to fold over the top and sew them to slide the towel on to the rod, but I loaned out my sewing machine (like 10 months ago) and I haven’t heard any plans on getting it back, so I used those hooks on rings.  I’m sure they have a fancy name, but I don’t know what it is.

We could use an update on the placemats, but the girls love them so they’ll stay a while.

Now we have a sunny little spot for growing girls to do some more growing up.




oh, you guys. i don’t know…

March 13, 2012

i was going to leave a little note this week saying that i’m gonna be on an official blog-cation til the summertime. i’m working hard on making 100 perpetual calendars for my etsy shop, i want to get my house in some sort of order (we’ve lived in this house for 5 years and i still have boxes in my bedroom), i haven’t been baking (but i’ve lost 15 lbs!), there’s just not much to report.

but the weather’s gorgeous, i’ve got some spring fever, Easter is my favorite holiday, and well, i don’t know… i might still have some things to tell you before the summertime…

Hurricane Wrapup, Queenvanna Style…

August 30, 2011

The hurricane came, the hurricane went.  We were without power for about 20 hours.  I do not do well without electricity, I am a delicate flower.  We are so so SO lucky that we had no damage, our electricity is back already, and the sump pump is doing its job in our basement  (that last one is always questionable).

We cleared out our yard, we bought groceries and gas and waited.  I took “before” pics of our house:

that big tree makes me nervous when there is just a slight breeze.  i was REALLY worried about it.

i set up my central command in the diningroom, complete with radar on loop on the laptop, fully charged mp3 player and an iced coffee.

what i didn’t think about is just how DARK it would be when the lights went out the next a.m., even in front of the window.

the girls evacuated their little people:

we wore silly glasses


and hunkered down (we played the drinking game that when anyone on tv or the radio said “hunker down” or “batten the hatches” we’d have to drink.  lucky for me, i was drinking diet coke, or there mighta been some trouble) to watch Season 5 of Dexter on DVD once the small ones were asleep.

it stormed, it rained, it was windy and yucky, and then it lightened up.  we were able to get out for dinner and have a peep around.  we were very fortunate in my town, there’s really not that much damage locally.

being nervous about needing the pump, and babycakes can NOT like the dark, the girls and i camped out in the livingroom the evening after Irene blew through.  we left a candle lit in the livingroom as a nightlight – safely, of course away from everything thing/body/drafts/etc and the house smelled LOVELY like christmas trees.  this was my view from the couch in the a.m. when the electricity decided to join us:

oh my goodness they looked so cozy.

and now we’re back up and running and awaiting the first day of school!


the big oh-four!

February 3, 2009

*phew!* i think the birthday festivities are just about winding down…  we are all worn out!  feb-03-200

(she’s not being punished by having that un-decorated pupcake, that’s how she likes them!!)  disney princesses, my little ponies and video games, oh my!!


and i put it in the last comments, but i’ll tell ya here, too that megan, debbie, jaymie and rachael were the big winners!  gold digger, i am woman hear me roar (teehee), copacabana and dancin’ queen!!  we’ll play again soon, cuz that was fun!! 

i feel like oprah!