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8 is great!!

February 4, 2013

My little Bean turned 8 this weekend.  We had a small party with her friends at home.

We stuffed a LOT of fun inside!

She’s wanted a cupcake shop before she knew that cupcake shops were a “thing”, so we brought out the cupcake theme again this year.  Heavy on the cupcakes.

 I love finding little water bottle wraps online.  These were a rainbow of polka dots, and I added punched circles of scrapbooking paper with cupcakes on them.  We had juice boxes too, but water was the beverage of choice – I think because the bottles  were so cute!

We went light on the goodie bags because each girl frosted cupcakes to bring home in their own bakery box and fabric aprons with heart shaped pockets.  The baggies included a little plaque with each girl’s initial, some cupcake erasers, and a Cupcakes-to-Go container (meant to store a single cupcake without it getting squashed!) filled with heart shaped marshmallows.


The cupcakes kept them busy, homemade buttercream, fondant, gummy things, sprinkles…

and so did the photo-op area.

Everyone had their picture taken by themselves and with the birthday girl, and I got some wonderful group shots.  This was easy-peasy to set up, and they loved the props.  So fun!

I hope my Big Girl thinks her day was sprinkled with fun, 8 is great!



February 11, 2010

we are slow-slow-slowly redoing our upstairs bathroom….  hunny is doing what he can on his own, but his time is very limited.  i picked out a great shower curtain and towels, so my bit is done while he is ripping our tiles and medicine cabinets and wires and un-fun things i cannot be bothered to think about.  i have a pretty normal, sedate looking house, but i think bathrooms should be a little wild and fun, and the new one will be awesome once it’s put together (in a million years).

i was so excited about the shower curtain that i took it out today and hung it in our spare bedroom as a photo backdrop.  i had great thoughts of sweet valentine cards for the grandparents… but the girls were not onboard with the sweet.  they wanted the silly.  almost 500 pics taken, and this is what i got:


that little one is quite the character.  we all laugh constantly.  such entertainment.  perhaps i’ll try again another day, the shower curtain isn’t going anywhere any time soon!