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Watch This Space

March 15, 2013

Making a few new products for the shop, based on some old ones.  Now I have some “Countdown to Baby” calendars that work AFTER the baby is born, too – as a I Am This Old type calendar! Yay!

Baby feet! *squee!*

Baby boy zoo animals, LOVE the monkeys.

I’ve had these wooden pieces made for ages, and finally got around to making a few – double decker calendars – months, days of the week and a few other sayings.

And some regular calendars, cool designs:

And there’s so much more to come!


glow in the dark

July 18, 2011


plus these:

equals this:

and this:

amd this:


they didn’t last long, just 10 or 15 minutes, but if it’s an activity you’re doing with the kids, i think that’s plenty of time for them to enjoy, then move on to something else…. or try again with a different color!

new shrinky dink tutorial

April 24, 2010

hey, lOOkie!  Little Yellow Bicycle has “shrink film” in their new Snugglebug line! Let’s make ’em!! 


use sharp scissors to cut the shapes out.  leave a little edge around the outside, and don’t worry about your cuts being perfect.  once the plastic is shrunk, you won’t be able to tell that the edges are slightly wonky.   it also adds a little to the “handmadeness” of them if they aren’t perfect. 

cut - blogging  cut - blogging 

color or ink if you’d like, be sure to use PERMANENT ink – Stazon, Sharpies, Slick Writers – if it’s not permanent, it’ll smear and you’ll be sad.  i used Bic fine tip permanent markers.  I tried coloring on both the smooth and the rough side and the results are about the same colorwise – but it’s easier to color on the rough side because there’s a little more control due to the texture.

  color - blogging

place on a piece of parchment paper or foil (it doesn’t matter what side is up) and pop in a preheated oven or toaster oven on a heated pan and watch them shrink!   it only takes a minute or two for the film to do its thing, so watch it closely, they’ll be ready soon.

the directions for these said to use an oven temp of 350F, but i found that to be a little too hot.  i use somewhere between 250-275 in the toaster oven.  this slows the shrinking a little so i could control the shapes a little more – if they curl too quickly, they might stick together and it’s easier to reach in and peel the ends apart if it’s not happening quite so fast.  (i have to say that the quality of this particular shrink film is excellent, it’s even easier to use than the actual shrinky dink brand, and mine never curled enough to stick together.) 

i also only do one or 2 at a time so i can keep an eye on them.  it doesn’t take long to shrink all the shapes, so i only do a couple at once.

once the shape is nearly flat and stops shrinking, take it out of the oven and whack it once with the back of a spatula to be sure it’s nice and flat.  the end result is super cute – sturdy embellishments with a little extra something by me.   They came with little tiny pop dots too, to add a little more dimention to your scrapbook page or altered project.   

work it, girl…

November 8, 2009



we had a visitor tonight while we were playing at work – this sweet girl is 9 months old now, and this is her 2nd appearance on my blog.  the first time was here when she was just days old…  she is so sweet and smile-y, just like her mama!  but we wonder – her parents have what some of us consider to be fairly heavy accents from a land far away… will she speak with a brogue when she starts to talk, if that is what she hears the most??

she sure knows how to turn on the charm when the camera comes out! =D

one day more…

November 8, 2008

godilovecoffee.nov 08 113

went to a baby shower today, loved all the little tiny clothes and towels and sweetness.  so much sweetness.or perhaps pink

getting ready for tomorrow’s show – there’s so much here, i can’t wait to show it to everyone!!  makes me wish i knew more people to invite!!  =0  but it also shows me that i deserve to take a break.  a crafty vacation.  or maybe have a sale.  once my shows are over, i’m gonna put it ALL in my etsy shop and move it.  discounts, free shipping…  something.  stay tuned.  because i possibly have an illness.  a crafty, crafty illness.  oi.