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The most adorable handmade brag book you’ll ever make!

March 28, 2013

I work in a scrapbook store.  I’ve worked there since I was barely out of college.  That’s a really long time!!  While I’m there, I look for ways to use supplies in different ways.  Scrapbooking is AWESOME, I just want to do other stuff sometimes.  You understand, I’m sure.  A couple weeks ago we got these cute bags:

and I immediately made this little spring brag book:

I was going to make a couple to give to the grandmas for Easter since I took some really cute pictures of the girls in their dresses – and they probably won’t wear their dresses for Easter because it’s 40 DEGREES OUTSIDE, CONNECTICUT.

I posted these photos on the store’s Facebook page and got a handful of questions about how I made it, so I’ll show you here.  It’s just 2 bags.  They’re lined up with openings on opposite ends.

Fold them together in half down the center, then punch 2 holes away from the edges in the fold line

Tie some string or ribbon through the holes to hold the booklet together

Then embellish as your heart desires!

Using 2 little bags, you have space for a front and back cover and 6 pictures inside.  Then if you have extra pictures or notes you can tuck them in the little open sides.  I printed these pictures as wallet size at a place that rhymes with Fal-mart and put just a tiny edge of a matte on them.  They fit perfectly.

It’s a wonderful little brag book to show off a trip to “Elmo’s House”!

(Pictures are from Sesame Place, Breakfast with Elmo and Friends Summer, 2012)


new and fun scrapbooking for everyone!

May 8, 2011

i made a new product this weekend!

i’ve got a few designs made, they’re library pockets with an enclosure in each one,

4-6 pouches in each. 

they’re great to use as little scrapbooks, to document trips, vacations, weddings, babies… with the pouches for extra photos, memorabilia, tickets, cds or dvds, maps, fun fun things!!  i might be working on a couple to give as gifts – they’re going to be great!

i’d love to take some custom-color orders, and i will shortly – once things settle down here – or i can just find a few minutes.  so many possibilities….

have a look here: to see what i’ve got going on!



on to the next thing…

November 15, 2009

i can’t say how it happened, because i’m not sure, but i am going to make an ali edwards december daily book. i picked out some of the materials tonight, and prepped the book, now it’s just a matter of making it!

look here for a few specific details:

mine won’t end up being as chunky or as texture-y as hers, but i see this as a book that my girls will be able to look at and bang around, with matchy-matchy layouts, one side for each day, maybe with a few extras for other odds n ends.  i’m looking forward to making a project for myself, even though the timing could be TONS better, it seems like everything happens in november.