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Late Winter, Early Easter

March 27, 2013

So this happened on March 19.  Absolutely ridiculous.

And my Easter decorations are chilling out IN THE LATE MARCH SNOW.

If there’s some good news, it’s that it’s lighter longer, and the pavement is nice and clear for sidewalk chalk.


We are SO ready to welcome spring!!

American Girl Uneven Bars

March 17, 2013

My girls weren’t interested in dolls until fairly recently.  My Mother in Law bought them American Girl Dolls a couple Christmases ago and I kinda thought it was a bad call because they’d rarely ever played with dolls up til then.  Lately the dolls are about all they’ve been playing with.  They’ll mix and match their clothes, they’ll create adventures for them to go on, and Little Girl’s haircut is modelled after her doll, Kit.

Through some random clicks on someone’s tablet the other day, we found  youtube videos on how to make handmade toys and games for the dolls.  When we saw gymnastics equipment, we figured we needed to get in on that action.

ta-da! uneven bars:

Made out of plumber’s piping, the pieces fit together easily enough that even the 6 year old can manage it.  Play gets a little rough so hubs said he’ll glue the pieces so it doesn’t fall apart while the dolls are swinging on it.  That gets in the way of playing.

All it consists of is piping cut down to (2) 18″, (2) 15″ and (4) 12″ pieces, 4 t joints and 4 elbow joints.  Pop it all together and voila!

We use ponytail holders looped on the “bars” and around the dolls’ wrists and they hang on pretty well!


We saw ones that had been spray painted, but I was nervous about the paint wearing off on the plastic parts of the dolls.  Maybe I’ll add some duct tape or fun patterned washi tape.  For now, the girls are happy as little clams with it just the way it is.  Well, other than they’ve added a folded up baby blanket underneath to use as a mat, and Big Girl’s doll is wearing a horse-riding helmet… NOW they love it the way it is! 😉

Cake Camp

July 25, 2012

There’s a little cupcake shop around the corner from the scrapbook store where I work.  Customers will frequently wander over there to get a snack and always come back with some pretty impressive looking cupcakes.  Imagine Big Girl’s surprise when she found out that the Cake Gypsy was having several days and themes of camp over the summer.  (Big Girl has wanted to own her own cupcake store since before she knew there *were* cupcake stores!)  Even though there’s a couple dozen different classes, thankfully for my wallet and my waistline, she chose 2 days to attend…

First day was Angry Birds and she frosted, filled and decorated a half dozen cupcakes.  The fondant figures were really really good!

2nd day was tie dye and she frosted/fondanted her own little cake!

(She also chose her outfit to match, and wore her own apron the 2nd day!)  She had tons of fun and we have to thank the cupcake lady for her patience and allowing her to come since she’s a little on the young side for what the bakery had requested.  It hasn’t occurred to Big Girl that she might be able to sign up for another class, she’s already planning which ones she wants to take next year and we are enjoying her very special treats, made with love!

glow in the dark

July 18, 2011


plus these:

equals this:

and this:

amd this:


they didn’t last long, just 10 or 15 minutes, but if it’s an activity you’re doing with the kids, i think that’s plenty of time for them to enjoy, then move on to something else…. or try again with a different color!

easy homemade donuts

June 6, 2011

it is borderline-crazy how free i feel, now that my summer has started.  beanie still has another 2 weeks of kindergarten, but with preschool over, there just seems to be a lot less go go going.  this afternoon babycakes and i made easy-peasy donuts.

it doesn’t get any easier unless you get in the car and drive to dunkin donuts.

premade fridge biscuits – roll em out round-ish

poke a hole in them with a round cookie cutter

they might’ve been a little more uniform if there wasn’t a 4 year old helping me, but they’re tastier cuz she helped.

drop em in hoooooot oooooil.  just about 10 seconds on each side should do.  they go quick!

then flip em out onto a paper towel to cool

we glazed the big ones with a mixture of powdered sugar and milk, then sprinkled… umm, sprinkles on them.

and babycakes powdered the holes – they’re a little… uh, handled, but she doesn’t mind.

a pretty afternoon snack

my assistant approves!



January 18, 2011

Turned em out of the pan

cut em up

sugared/powdered them

and got to work

i have to tell you, i’m not a fan of things on sticks.  they just get in the way of the treat, i think… though there’s a boy i know who thinks everything is better on a stick… so he’ll get the ones on the stick when i’m done taking their picture.

i impressed myself a little with these:

a pretty and delicious treat on a snowy day!  i’m trying to decide what flavor cocoa to drop a couple into…

when i do make a cup, i’m gonna relax and take a few minutes to ponder new flavors and colors.  this is a lot of FUN!

messy day – round 2

May 23, 2010

the bigger kids got their turn on friday – again, i didn’t get as many pictures as i wanted, but i had the very important job of assisting the squeezing of lemons for fresh squeezed lemonade. boy, those 4 and 5 year olds squoze a LOT of lemons!!  babycakes got the very special honor of coming to play while i helped with the squeezing.  she tried out a few things before the big kids came outside:

the sheet spraying:

jumping and spraying  what now?

the playdough icecream stand:

playdough icecream

miss bean spent a lot of time at the mud pie stand with her friends:

and had a dolphin painted on her arm.  the teacher doing the painting was the most popular lady, even with the other teachers!

(her necklace says “”) 

and her “ink” will make her a total bad@ss with her sailing acquaintances!

babycakes fell asleep on the couch that night (that never happens), and beanie was not far behind her, collapsing in to bed earlier than usual.  a fun time was had by ALL!

messy day – day 1

May 20, 2010

we’ve got about a week and a half left of preschool for the year.  i am PSYCHED for summer, but i am sad sad sad that the school year is ending.  babycake’s “3s” teachers had the great idea to have a “messy day” and do all the fun fabulous messy things we all kinda shy away from – and do them outside. 

fingerpainting (babycakes is writing her name):

yes, there’s paint in her ponytail and up to her elbows:

mud pies (so lovely!):

feet painting:

have a look at this – this started out as a plain white sheet hanging from the swingset, and the kids sprayed it with colored water – isn’t it gorgeous?!

AND there was a whole lot more – the good news is that i’m going back tomorrow to help with the “4s”, so hopefully i’ll get the shots i missed.  SO much fun!!

in other news, i planted perennials earlier this afternoon.  i’ve been out to check them twice.  i’m sad to report back that nothing has grown or blossomed in the past 90 minutes.