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Vanessa, Kris, Chuck and Craig Ferguson in NYC

October 7, 2012

We got the tickets 10 months ago in December.  I waited by the computer to get good seats.  For a while we were worried that they would be TOO good, that we’d have strained necks from looking up at the stage.  This was not the case.  If you can ever get 2nd row Orchestra Pit tickets for a show at Radio City Music Hall?  Freakin’ do it.  You will not be sorry.  Only thing better would’ve been front row!

Hello Craig Ferguson, let me sit at your feet and watch you for an hour and a half. (*dreamy sigh*)

But before that…

We stopped at the places where we usually go:

Times Square: @chuckpro and @queenvanna drag Kris around the city! (He loved it, hush.)

The construction at the WTC sites

Rockefeller Center,

Lego, NBC, Nintendo:

Dinner at a swanky little (really little) restaurant, I will dream about those scallops for months to come – and we were off to the show!

Folks may know of my smitten-ness for Craig Ferguson, they’ve seen the countdown to this show on my Facebook page, they see pictures I share with friends who are smitten too, but there was a group of hard. core. fans that came to New York for this show.  People from France and Germany, California, and all up and down the eastern seaboard.  We tweet, we share pictures and news articles and information.  We are the RSA (“Robot Skeleton Army”) and we are in on the joke.  You don’t have to be in on the joke, but it makes it even better.

The opening act, Josh Robert Thompson is the voice of Craig’s Robot Skeleton sidekick on his Late Late show, and it was fun to see him in the flesh.  We didn’t know what to expect and he was lots of fun, he did some gags from the show in the beginning to warm up the crowd for his short set.  He does Morgan Freeman even better than Morgan Freeman can.  It’s surprising because he’s a little white dude.

Then it was time for the chief.  I enjoyed the video montage/intro with music, lights, the robot skeleton and the Rockettes cuz the last shows we saw he came out to very little introduction.  This was different and it was awesome.

The Rockettes classed up the joint in the intro number

Hitler as a Mister Rogers-type on NPR and Canadian jokes, sharks and their genetalia, current celebrities… he was hilarious.

And he was right there in all his creepy perviness.

No seriously, right. there.

After the show we waited by the stage door for a good long while, but got no action.  We met up with a gang of the RSA folks for a beverage or two and had to head back on the train to CT.

Midnight in NYC, in all the times I’ve visited, I’ve never been out and about so late.

I wish we could do things like this more often, but I’m glad that when we finally did, we got to see Craig Ferguson at Radio City Music Hall.  Can’t wait for the next adventure!


Edible Easter Centerpiece

March 26, 2012

Easter is sometimes my favorite holiday.  I don’t know if it’s the pretty colors or the start of spring, but if you ask me at this time of year what my favorite holiday is, it’ll be Easter.  Today I made a table centerpiece:


and it’s completely edible! weee!

i started with making the candy cups.  they are shaped around tiny little water balloons.

something shady happened and one popped all on its own.  ugh, mess.

i put them on a bed of edible Easter grass.  while the package says it’s edible, it’s kinda gross tasting.  the main ingredient is potato starch, they’re kinda like weird fruit flavored packing peanuts/rice cakes.  but edible.

i added plain m&ms, pretzel m&ms and cadbury mini eggs to the cups, made some candy and pretzel bunny faces and hineys, and added some peeps.  i have a love affair with peeps.  bunnies are my favorite, and i always loved the white ones but i haven’t been able to find them for years.  last month i actually emailed Just Born to see what the deal was, and *weepy tears* they don’t make them any more because they weren’t popular.  thanks a LOT, people.  ANYWAY,


i made a little bunny mix with popcorn, corn chex, pretzels, mini marshmallows, sprinkles, m&ms and leftover green chocolate candy.  This won’t make it to Easter, it’s too yummy we’ll have to make more!

Lucky Charms….

March 16, 2012

I picked all the marshmallows out of the cereal.  The girls begged for it this a.m. and didn’t even notice that there were no marshmallows in it.  Hilarious, and true.  But I wonder if they’re even gonna care that I made them tiny treat jars.

They do love the personalized spoons we made for big girl’s birthday… and they were sitting on the counter at picture time. =D

i am still sticking to the no-carbs thing (it’s like i don’t even know who i am!), cuz i did not even nibble *1* marshmallow.  crazy!! i know!!

They better enjoy them in the morning, or mama’s gonna have marshmallow breath.  I can only be so good…

ice ballons

February 1, 2012

i saw the idea on flickr, way back in the summertime and i just waited and waited for the right time.  preschool ice sculpture time!!  we are all graduated from preschool, but sweeties that they are, the teachers invite the “alumni” to contribute pieces, too.  The girls filled sand-shape-toy-things (my head is somewhere else, i cant think of what they’re called!) shaped like an octopus and a seahorse and a turtle, they were very cute.  but then, we HAD to do the water balloons.

watch for leaks.  food coloring SHOOTING out of a tiny hole in a balloon = dangerous to wall paint. and tiles. and your clothes.

HOW TO: Add a few drops of food coloring inside an empty balloon.  Put open end of balloon on faucet, SLOWLY turn water on.  Hold spot where it’s attached to the faucet, AND cradle balloon at the bottom.  If you’re nervous, a second set of hands can help.  Take off faucet when full, HOLD THE BALLOON CLOSED and knot.  (It’s a water balloon with coloring in there.  Fill it like you would a regular water balloon.)

lucky for us, we got a little snow and had a little cold.

i took a pr of scissors to the frozen balloons to get the plastic off, and they were so cool.

and a little messy.  i recommend black gloves – won’t see the stains, won’t get food coloring on your hands!

the day we brought them over, it was bright and crisp and DANG COLD.  Please note: you will be surprised at how long it takes for the balloons to freeze.  You know how when you make icecubes it takes FOREVER (especially when you REALLY want a cold drink?)  These take 10x longer.  Or longer than that.  It helps if the temps are WELL BELOW freezing, not just hovering around freezing.  They aren’t all winners, have a look here:

such a pretty little burst of color!


this is really my favorite part of the winter.

here’s the boring part!

January 13, 2012

the thing i hurt is not my spine, or my back-back.  it’s off to the side, just above my right butt cheek.  when i step down or twist or move my leg in any way, i get blinding pain in my back.  the walk-in urgent care guy felt the spot and said it was my sacroiliac joint and some part of my pelvis bone and hip bone, and he could feel all kinds of scar tissue and angriness and terrible bumpy stuff in there.  he said he had back problems himself and was interested in back health issues and i had what seemed to be a classic case of this type of problem.  he refered me to a chiropractor. 

the chiropractor (who turns out to be my neighbor, he lives maybe a dozen houses away, strange. and hello, housecalls.) felt the same spot and was like “yep, what that guy said.” and every day for  week now i’ve been going to have little shocks and hot rubs and cold rubs and what i guess people call adjustments, but i call “fear for my life because this guy is going to twist me in to two pieces.”

people keep asking me: no xray? no mri? ummm, no.  cuz we know what the problem is.  each time i go to the dr and when i do what i’m told, i get minutely better…. but being as bad as i was, any little step forward is in the right direction.

i found a website if you’re in to that stuff that says why it’s not always neccessary to have an mri immediately w certain types of back pain:  click on it:,,20189797_1,00.html i thought it was very interesting that with all the stuff that goes on in our middle aged bodies, of course there are going to be abnormalities, even when we feel great.  and i kinda hate that i just lumped myself into middle age, cuz i’m not.  My mother in law said this stuff happens “in our 40s” to me the other night and OMG, I AM NOT 40.  EEEEESH.

so there’s that, and then i wiki’d the exact muscle/joint/area and found this:

Perhaps the biggest reason for misdiagnosis or lack of diagnosis of sacroiliac joint dysfunction is based on the inability of common radiological imaging to discern the disorder. Diagnostic testing, such as X-ray, CT scan, or MRI, do not usually reveal abnormalities; therefore, they cannot reliably be used for diagnosis of sacroiliac joint dysfunction.[ 

A clinician well-trained in manual medicine (i.e., a spine surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, sports medicine doctor, physical therapist, physiatrist, osteopath or chiropractor) can diagnose the disorder using a hands on approach by palpating the painful areas as well as administering several different tests…

so ta-da.  more chiropractor, probably some PT, hopefully some more drugs, and eventually i’ll shut up about the whole debacle. 😉

but i won’t be doing this any time soon.  or ever again.

(interlaken, 2000-ish)

i’ve been laying here 10 hours today and have accomplished nothing…

January 13, 2012

so i’ve learned: i still like to make plans when i am high as a high-high-high thing.  did i make plans with you? remind me, cuz i’m sure we’ll have fun if i could remember.  i’ve made cakeball plans, i’ve made lunch plans, i’ve made cakeball plans.  and those are only the ones that have come back to my attention.  oops. =) and hey, i see that i made cakeball plans twice.  interesting.

not related, but related, why-o-why are toilet seats so LOW???  hoooooly cow, they’re low.  or maybe i’m tall.  or i have a high butt.  i don’t know.

and now, a fashion show!  jammie pants!!

sunday at the walk-in

monday – lounging

tuesday at the chiropractors

(haha, just kidding, i didn’t take a pants pic that day. or maybe i didn’t wear pants.  i cannot say for sure. don’t my legs look so skinny?)




and thank goodness the week is over cuz next up is christmas pants, or Kris has to do laundry.  both ideas scare him some, lemme tell you that.

things are improving, i was able to get in the kitchen and make toast for the girls and coffee for myself today, and even do a lap or 2 of the house.  i am absolutely out of my MIND looking for things to do, but at the same time, i’m a little ADD with having nothing to do.  at this very moment, i have tabs up for pinterest, netflix, facebook and twitter…. and i can’t tell you what my plan was for any of them.  OH! and peapod.  i am gonna order the heck out of some groceries around here.

and just one project i hope to make in the next day or so is a variation on this:

(pic removed)

imagine it in my colors, in my house hanging all in my spare bedroom… BUT i’d have to send kris into my craft warehouse to find paper and a cutter and adhesive and yarn, and he’s pretty scared about that, too. 😉

injured back, pajamas in public, and a few cute crafty things.

January 12, 2012

so i have been told that there are 2 people out there in the real world that wait and search every single day for me to update my blog.  *waves* hi 2 people! join facebook like everyone else in the world and you can see my jackassery all-day every-day!! =D

but in light of recent developments, here i am.  i hurt my back like crazy-wicked-holy-sh!t bad, and i’ve been laying in bed for 6 days.  i am not kidding, this pain is worse than anything that has ever happened to me.  and i’ve birthed 2 nearly 9 lb babies in fairly rapid succession.  the drugs are starting to wear off, and i can kinda type again.  at least, it looks to me like i’m typing, you can let me know if it looks like klingon to you.  yay, drugs!

i became that person wearing  her pajamas in public in town.


and i have been getting all kinds of compliments on my shoes.  i’ve had them for a long time now, and i think they’re adorable, too. =)

this week i was featured on the blog Mod Podge Rocks, and that well, rocks.  if you’re looking for inspiration, or to kill some time and maybe learn a crafty thing or 2, it’s really a great blog.

i’m also pondering what queenvanna’s plan is going to be this year.  last year i really wanted to just keep doing what i was doing and develop a good customer and merchandise base, and this year i’d love to expand some.  if you (my 2 readers) have any ideas of places where my crafts might fit (calendars especially), i’d love to hear some opinions.  i’m pretty proud of how far i’ve come and what i’ve done, i want to share that love! =)  i mean, look how sweet these are!

(this one was made as a special order for a very cool boutique i work with)

and who does not love robots?

i made a few of these note holders, too, just to see how they’d come out.  pretty cute, i think!

my shop is still open and there’s lots of fun things to buy in there.  hubs has been so helpful packing things up to send.

i’ve got a few new ideas up my sleeve, but i think it’ll be a while before i’m back at it full steam.  you’ll have to stay tuned. xo.