American Girl Uneven Bars

My girls weren’t interested in dolls until fairly recently.  My Mother in Law bought them American Girl Dolls a couple Christmases ago and I kinda thought it was a bad call because they’d rarely ever played with dolls up til then.  Lately the dolls are about all they’ve been playing with.  They’ll mix and match their clothes, they’ll create adventures for them to go on, and Little Girl’s haircut is modelled after her doll, Kit.

Through some random clicks on someone’s tablet the other day, we found  youtube videos on how to make handmade toys and games for the dolls.  When we saw gymnastics equipment, we figured we needed to get in on that action.

ta-da! uneven bars:

Made out of plumber’s piping, the pieces fit together easily enough that even the 6 year old can manage it.  Play gets a little rough so hubs said he’ll glue the pieces so it doesn’t fall apart while the dolls are swinging on it.  That gets in the way of playing.

All it consists of is piping cut down to (2) 18″, (2) 15″ and (4) 12″ pieces, 4 t joints and 4 elbow joints.  Pop it all together and voila!

We use ponytail holders looped on the “bars” and around the dolls’ wrists and they hang on pretty well!


We saw ones that had been spray painted, but I was nervous about the paint wearing off on the plastic parts of the dolls.  Maybe I’ll add some duct tape or fun patterned washi tape.  For now, the girls are happy as little clams with it just the way it is.  Well, other than they’ve added a folded up baby blanket underneath to use as a mat, and Big Girl’s doll is wearing a horse-riding helmet… NOW they love it the way it is! 😉

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6 Comments on “American Girl Uneven Bars”

  1. Kelly Kelly Says:

    That is really cool! The first thing Grace asked when she saw your pictures was if we could build one too. 🙂

  2. queenvanna Says:

    This might be the cheapest thing we own for the dolls – the whole thing cost maybe $5. =D

  3. Tina Delano Says:

    What a great idea.

  4. homeplaceblogger Says:

    This is adorable! What a great idea!

  5. Great idea! My daughter loves her American Girl Doll!

  6. This is such a great idea! I still have my American Girl dolls from when I was a kid, and I can definitely see myself making this in the future when I have kids of my own!

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