I know folks who schedule blog posts weeks in advance.  They plan holiday posts and birthday posts, but I just can’t.  If I think of something to tell you, or if I’m in the middle of a project I just can’t wait to tell you about it.

So!!  We have these beastly maple trees on the front corners of our property out by the road.  During the first freak/weird/once in a lifetime but happened twice October snow storms a couple years ago they were really damaged.  One lost a huge section that blocked out street.  The other lost a giant branch into our driveway.  They’re pretty scarred and pretty ugly in the winter when they don’t have greenery to cover the damage.  When spring rolls around, they leak sap out of various parts and the other day one of the girls noticed a sap icicle way up in a tippy-top branch.  I told hubs we should tap that tree, just to see what would happen and with a couple bucks for a yard of tubing and a plastic thing that pokes in the tree, we are now harvesting sap like pioneers.

If pioneers had plastic pointy things and tubes and gallon milk jugs.  It is flowing like crazy:

(You can see the chunk that’s missing from the other tree on the right side at the other end of the yard, too.)

Last night after about 8 hours, we had our first near-gallon of sap.

I’ve been told a dozen times (and read it, too) that it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.  That’s great but really, we don’t need a gallon of syrup.  The Little Girl is the only one who even enjoys syrup in the first place (!!!), we’re just doing it for fun.  We’re just about 24 hours since hubs tapped the tree and we’ve gotten a little more than 2 gallons of sap.  I’ve boiled it down and put it in my crockpot to do its ‘thang” and eventually, we’ll see what happens.  If you suddenly see an influx of waffle posts, you’ll be assured making syrup was a success. 😉

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8 Comments on “Anticipation”

  1. Sounds like a fun project. Hope it goes well.

  2. Tina Delano Says:

    You can do it in a crock pot? Don’t think the pilgrims that those. How cool. What fun for all of you.

  3. This looks like so much fun! I am all about fresh syrup but had never even thought I could possibly make my own!

    xx Kait

  4. Vicki Potter Says:

    I used to live in maple country (upstate New York) and loved seeing all the taps this time of year. Up here, I have friends who do this with birch trees. They have made their living for over 20 years with their birch syrup!

    Have fun with this!

  5. Bonnie Says:

    Good luck! I’m looking forward to the waffle, french toast, and pancake pictures. YUM>

  6. Kyle Says:

    I’m very interested to hear how your experiment turns out. Looks like a pretty fun activity to do with the family!

  7. Tina Delano Says:

    How did the maple syrup turn out?

  8. Michelle B Says:

    So much work, but i’m sure worth it!

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