Polkadotty Goodness!

For ha-ha’s I showed Big Girl the pinterest pin of the polkadot cake on Once Upon A Pedestal.  That cake is amazing, and I knew there’d be no way mine would ever look like that, but when anyone asked what kind of party she was going to have she’d tell them I was making a polkadot cake.

Thankfully my neighbor Karen had the ball pan for me to borrow:

and then Bobbie Jo bought me my very OWN ball pan – it was awesome to make 2 batches at once, cut my time in half!

The main tip I have is *don’t read the suggestions in the comments of the original post*  I started 2nd guessing myself,  should I freeze the balls, should I undercook them, fret, question, doubt…  Don’t read the comments!!  Don’t put frozen balls in the mix, they’ll lower the temperature of the mix and it’ll take forever for the cakes to cook.

AND the balls will start rising to the top in the center when the outter edges start to cook.  It’ll make ya crazy!

and you’ll have to saw off the top of some of the balls cuz they tried to escape.

Frost and lookit that girl smile cuz she knows the surprise inside her cake!

It’s hard cutting a cake this tall and taking its picture at the same time.  I had to wait til it laid down.

Our family was impressed, and the cake was YUM, if I do say so myself.

even later on after everyone else went home!


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14 Comments on “Polkadotty Goodness!”

  1. April Baker Says:

    So, April 13th… can you make me a birthday cake? Polka Dot, striped, checkerboard… I’m not picky!

  2. queenvanna Says:

    I have a checkboard pan that I’ve never used, come to think of it…

  3. James Boone Says:

    So fun! I can’t wait to try it

  4. Tina Delano Says:

    So cute. You’ll have to explain to me in person how that ball thing works. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cake that tall.

  5. Kelly Says:

    Sooo cute! Don’t let my big girl see, she’ll want one for her birthday

  6. Kathy Says:

    Fantastic! Impressed, as always! 🙂

  7. Julie Fernandes Says:

    Such a neat cake! Wish these ideas were around when I was 8! Thank you for sharing your results!

  8. emerald1175 Says:

    Homemade cake mix? box mix?What about flavored polka dots? When you bite into the green one it tastes like apple and the pink one tastes like watermelon?

  9. newenglandscrapbook.com Says:

    This might be your next claim to fame. There are a lot of other famous things that you do though! I’m going to wear one of them to work today!

  10. Karen Says:

    You are very brave! It looks delicious!

  11. queenvanna Says:

    Boxed cake mix. The balls are colored white cake batter. I don’t know the brand cuz we’re not picky, but it was in a blue box. =) I’m thinking about next time (NEXT TIME??!) maybe chocolate balls inside, maybe for a black and white party? And it might be fun to change up the flavors in the balls too – that’s a great idea!!

  12. Vicki Potter Says:

    You are the best mom in the world!!

  13. Sherrie' Says:

    Wow! I feel like such a slacker mom. I am impressed!!!

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