Cold, Winter Crazies

Hey there, I’m not sure what I’m doing.  It’s cold, I’m holed up in my house as much as I can be, and I’m aimlessly being crafty.  I bought a scarf on etsy that I thought was super adorable, and before it even arrived in the mail, I went and bought the yarn and tool to make my own.  Good thing because the one I made went home with my boss at the scrapbook store the first time I wore it.  It was SUPER cute and everyone there wanted their own. =D

AND it matched her phone.  She HAD to have it.

So that one little scarf has turned in to a whole other side-business for Queenvanna, we’re calling Queenvanna’s Closet.  I reserved the shop name on etsy, but I haven’t listed any scarves because I keep selling them in person.  There are worse things that could happen, for sure!

The yarns are gorgeous, and one person commented that she was surprised by how soft hers felt.  They’re really soft!  So yay, scarves!!


I’ve made some really cool perpetual calendars in the past few weeks, I’ve hoarded  collected some really pretty papers recently.

I’ve run in to a small problem though, my stock of unfinished calendars is dwindling.  Usually hubs makes a couple hundred to get me through the winter, but he was having trouble finding good wood, then we had a hurricane, a freak October snow-thing, it’s 4 degrees and windy now, and blah blah blah, I’m out of calendars at the moment.  (TRY NOT TO PANIC, OK PANIC!)  Fear not, I have plenty already made in my shop.  Click this to go to there: MY SHOP!

In the meantime, I’ve been making little decorative blocks:

and I have ideas for lots more… birthday blocks, Valentine’s blocks, wedding blocks… so many possibilities until I get some more calendars made.  Good help is hard to find, I tell ya!

I’m so ready for spring…

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2 Comments on “Cold, Winter Crazies”

  1. Brett Says:

    oh my goodness. i LOVE LOVE LOVE those blocks. they are darling!

  2. I wondered where these scarves appeared from! Good on you cause I tried to make thesse and got half way through one and decided I was going to go nuts or stop right there…too frustrating for me…..I commend you and may even need to make an order. The one i was making was for my mom….it’s only six inches long….lol

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