Summertime Popsicle Treats

So this has been happening over here….

Work books and American Girl dolls and markers and bunnies and borrowing my phone to listen to Kidzbop on pandora radio.  Oof, almost 6 is crazy.

It’s been blazing hot for almost all the days this summer and we got one of those quick-freeze popsicle makers to try out some treats.  Every night this week we’ve tried something new and so far we have not been that adventurous.  First up, rootbeer:

a big hit with everyone.  this is the only one that has required a tiny bit of prep – the soda needs to be flat.  the directions say that the pops won’t come out if they’re carbonated.  makes sense, i guess, so i just left a cup of soda poured in a cup on the counter all afternoon.

the next night we kinda phoned it in cuz it was getting late.  orange juice and apple juice.

again, no complaints.


1 straight kiwi, 1 orange juice.  the kiwi was a omgthatsawfulno.  but in that popsicle’s defense, there mighta been something off w the kiwi.  it kinda made my lips tingle….  maybe next time we’ll mix it with some juice or something sweet to cut it back a little.

Tomorrow we’ve decided we’ll try pureed watermelon, and i’m ready to move on to creamier ones… yogurt and berries? vanilla pudding and banana? mango and cream? iced coffee (just for the mama)?  and a side note – do you know how many carbs a serving of almond milk has?  eeeeesh.  I guess these treats are best tasted by the little ones.

who are getting big way too fast.

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2 Comments on “Summertime Popsicle Treats”

  1. Debbie B. Says:

    Mmmm . . . rootbeer for sure!

  2. queenvanna Says:

    Maybe w a vanilla icecream layer or center? Like a rootbeer float? LET’S DO IT!!!

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