i’ve been laying here 10 hours today and have accomplished nothing…

so i’ve learned: i still like to make plans when i am high as a high-high-high thing.  did i make plans with you? remind me, cuz i’m sure we’ll have fun if i could remember.  i’ve made cakeball plans, i’ve made lunch plans, i’ve made cakeball plans.  and those are only the ones that have come back to my attention.  oops. =) and hey, i see that i made cakeball plans twice.  interesting.

not related, but related, why-o-why are toilet seats so LOW???  hoooooly cow, they’re low.  or maybe i’m tall.  or i have a high butt.  i don’t know.

and now, a fashion show!  jammie pants!!

sunday at the walk-in

monday – lounging

tuesday at the chiropractors

(haha, just kidding, i didn’t take a pants pic that day. or maybe i didn’t wear pants.  i cannot say for sure. don’t my legs look so skinny?)




and thank goodness the week is over cuz next up is christmas pants, or Kris has to do laundry.  both ideas scare him some, lemme tell you that.

things are improving, i was able to get in the kitchen and make toast for the girls and coffee for myself today, and even do a lap or 2 of the house.  i am absolutely out of my MIND looking for things to do, but at the same time, i’m a little ADD with having nothing to do.  at this very moment, i have tabs up for pinterest, netflix, facebook and twitter…. and i can’t tell you what my plan was for any of them.  OH! and peapod.  i am gonna order the heck out of some groceries around here.

and just one project i hope to make in the next day or so is a variation on this:

(pic removed)

imagine it in my colors, in my house hanging all in my spare bedroom… BUT i’d have to send kris into my craft warehouse to find paper and a cutter and adhesive and yarn, and he’s pretty scared about that, too. 😉

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3 Comments on “i’ve been laying here 10 hours today and have accomplished nothing…”

  1. La Alicia Says:

    I hope you’re feeling better! 😉 I love your pajampion pics!

  2. o-no Says:

    keep making plans!!

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