The start of the holiday season…

Thanksgiving was lovely, and we have 400 lbs of leftover turkey to get through, and we are ready to move along to the Christmas season!

Last week I did a 3 day craft show that was…  not very crafty?  wrong crowd?  lots of imported pottery?  all of the above?  i’m not sure what it was, but it was weird.  and i had a LOT of time. I decided i wasn’t going to waste my days just waiting for customers, i had to get some stuff done… so i made 500 clothespins over the course of a couple of days.  i made a bunch in to magnets, with fun buttons and glittery embellishments:

great stocking stuffers!

it was fun to make some new patterns and just crank out as many as i could…

i had to tidy because i hosted thanksgiving, and my diningroom cleans up so nice… if only it could stay this way…

it’s barely 24 hours gone by, and the joint is trashed with crafting supplies again.  home sweet home.  next week we are having the “Annual QueenVanna Staff Christmas Party” and it is destined to be a doozy.  just wait til you hear where we are having our Holiday Celebration!!

here’s a hint:

come and play, everything’s a-ok! 😉 to be continued…

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