so that happened…

remember how i was nervous about that tree in the back of my house before the hurricane?  yeah.

before (august 2011):

during-ish (oct 30, 2011) (hey, where did the deck and swingset go?)

after (nov 01):

it’s decidedly whispier after the freak october snow storm we had.  good news – the pieces bounced off the house and didn’t squash any of us.  we were only out of power for 5 days, and as crazy as it sounds, we were the lucky ones.  i get crazy clausterphobic when the power goes out, and i don’t care much for living in a house with no heat or water with two little girls that ask 100 times an hour when the lights will come back on.  oi.  i took them to my parents on the coast, and my poor, long suffering husband stayed home because he still had to work.  he got to shower there and have a hot meal, sleep in a 40 degree house and the girls and i had a mini vacation.

we trick or treated at grammie and poppie’s and made out like little bandits.  or a little bat and a little butterfly.  whatever.

pssst, they don’t really like candy.  mama has a year’s supply of peanut butter cups, score!

as i type this, we’ve been out of school for 6 days, tomorrow will be lucky number 7.  i am so ready to have my boring little life back, cutting and pasting and making colored waffles.  i think we all are.


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