Hurricane Wrapup, Queenvanna Style…

The hurricane came, the hurricane went.  We were without power for about 20 hours.  I do not do well without electricity, I am a delicate flower.  We are so so SO lucky that we had no damage, our electricity is back already, and the sump pump is doing its job in our basement  (that last one is always questionable).

We cleared out our yard, we bought groceries and gas and waited.  I took “before” pics of our house:

that big tree makes me nervous when there is just a slight breeze.  i was REALLY worried about it.

i set up my central command in the diningroom, complete with radar on loop on the laptop, fully charged mp3 player and an iced coffee.

what i didn’t think about is just how DARK it would be when the lights went out the next a.m., even in front of the window.

the girls evacuated their little people:

we wore silly glasses


and hunkered down (we played the drinking game that when anyone on tv or the radio said “hunker down” or “batten the hatches” we’d have to drink.  lucky for me, i was drinking diet coke, or there mighta been some trouble) to watch Season 5 of Dexter on DVD once the small ones were asleep.

it stormed, it rained, it was windy and yucky, and then it lightened up.  we were able to get out for dinner and have a peep around.  we were very fortunate in my town, there’s really not that much damage locally.

being nervous about needing the pump, and babycakes can NOT like the dark, the girls and i camped out in the livingroom the evening after Irene blew through.  we left a candle lit in the livingroom as a nightlight – safely, of course away from everything thing/body/drafts/etc and the house smelled LOVELY like christmas trees.  this was my view from the couch in the a.m. when the electricity decided to join us:

oh my goodness they looked so cozy.

and now we’re back up and running and awaiting the first day of school!


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One Comment on “Hurricane Wrapup, Queenvanna Style…”

  1. o-no Says:

    what an adventure!!!!

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