you had me at caramel apple…

SO!  in searching for “things to put in canning jars”, i found this cute little idea for ways to work up a caramel apple cake.  WICKED easy, and SO tasty.  carmel cake mix, 2 for $4 at the grocery store, and DELICIOUS just as-is:

(duncan hines is not paying me to say that, but it would be awesome if they did.)

it’s cake-y, but also slightly coffee cake-y so it’s a great breakfast food! 😉

i followed the directions for cupcakes and i also made a 1/2 pan of mini muffins.  caramel apple cake in all sizes! =D  THEN!!!  i made some cream cheese frosting, and got these little caramel bits:

do yourself a favor and buy 2 bags, you’ll eat the first bag right from the package.

make a plate for yourself and set it aside.  enjoy during a quiet moment.

then for the rest, get your containers ready and pile it allllll in:

if you take it outside to take its picture, your neighbors will ask you what you’ve got there, it sure looks good…

those tiny ones fit just fine in a push pop container…

but here’s the warning – you might want more than 1 this way!

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One Comment on “you had me at caramel apple…”

  1. LD Says:

    they oddly resemble chick peas … on first glance i was very confused by your pictures hahaha

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