Early July, 2011

we are full-on with the fun summer activities for little children here.  we went to lunch on the shore for hunny’s birthday and spent a few minutes between rain showers at the park.

circus girls:

went to a 4th of july picnic and they jumped for HOURS.  i seriously could’ve dropped them off and gone for a pedicure and a cup of coffee and a trip to the grocery store and they’d never’ve gotten out.  but hunny says no trampoline for us.  =(  i’ll keep working on him.

there’ve been some smores:

 the chocolate goatee kills me.

why i thought we should do this AFTER bathtime is beyond me.






i tried my hand at homemade icecream with my 15 year old icecream maker (used once before).  it did not go well, let’s leave it at this:  the whole assembly is in the trash now.

i did manage to make a few push pops – ice cream, mini choclate morsels, chocolate sauce. 

not terribly photogenic, but YUM.

other plans we have this week include the beach and the pool and a crafty thing or two.  fun for everyone!

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One Comment on “Early July, 2011”

  1. o-no Says:

    i vote for a trampoline!!!

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