vacation wrap up, 2011

my sister came up from alabama and we did our best to run her ragged.

we went bowling.  i came in 4th.  i’d like to say it was on purpose.  maybe i need to work on my form.

we went with Chuck to the city, and to Liberty and Ellis Islands

contrary to popular belief, we were not ignoring you, there is NO cell service/signals in NYC.  they live like pilgrims.  fast moving, shouty pilgrims.

we visited with family, we ran around town taking pictures with foam noses and fiberglass turkeys, various sunglasses and ate cake.   big girl pulled out her 2nd loose tooth.  there was much fun to be had.

then there was our annual voyage to Sesame Place.  we brought the party,

but they were ready for us

poor big girl woke up the morning we were to go home and was under the weather.  i will spare you the details other than to say it was not pretty.  after a 4 hour ride home and a trip to the pediatrician, we had a strep diagnosis and a fear (and knowledge) that it was just a question of time before the rest of us fall, we are a large group of germ-sharing time bombs. so far, so good… but we’ve got another day or 2 to incubate.

til then, we’ll keep on partying with sparklers and smores.

and amoxicillin for one.

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2 Comments on “vacation wrap up, 2011”

  1. o-no Says:

    i love the way you mention you came in 4th…ummm there were only 4 of us!!!
    yes, yes, yes….all you said and train rides , subway rides, ferry rides, pictures WITh miss Liberty!! Jump roping, a tutu, bubbles, water rides, parades. pictures- more pictures, field of flags, muppets,pizza, umbrella hats, fun sunglasses and soooo much more!!!
    i had a wonderful time!!!!!

  2. queenvanna Says:

    i got tired reading about it all again. i need a nap. (and whistling. the never ending whistling.)

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