treats for the brace-faced

so.  i got braces last friday afternoon.  i was not 100% sure that would be the day, i thought it would be molds and pictures and xrays, but walked out with my upper teeth all braced up.  i might’ve been in denial, or maybe i really didn’t think about it (that’s probably it), but i was not prepared.  i had no advil in my purse, i had no soft snacks or foods, i had even just bought a new pack of gum.  i knew i’d be uncomfortable, but




my inner cheeks were kinda chewed up, but i’m a nervous biter, so it’s usually chewed up in there anyway.  but the ache, omaude, the ache.  all this complaining just to tell you that i don’t care for any soft foods, and i’ve been a crabby crab crab for the past 4 days.  in the beginning i could only eat whatever i could squoosh on the roof of my mouth with my tongue.  soooo…  strawberry shortcake.

and i put it in the push pop containers because everything is better in push pop containers and i have enough of them to make 80bazillion this way. mmmmm…..

the whip cream flattened out a little, next time i’ll add more.  and maybe a little strawberry juice.

perfect soft-ish treat for folks who don’t like soft food.  things are settling down and not as painful, but i think i’ll enjoy a few more of these!

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3 Comments on “treats for the brace-faced”

  1. Hope your mouth/teeth feel better soon- it will pass soon I promise! And it will be worth it. 🙂

  2. Tina Says:

    I love yoghurt and eat two each day. What about fruit shakes, omelets with cheese and veggies, strata?

  3. Liz D Says:

    i did a double take on this entry … i thought i was in the wrong blog!
    i’ve been reading your blog for quite some time, and i’m coming up on my one year braces-versary.

    you’re probably still adjusting to them, but let me tell you, you’re going to be so happy that you did it once you start to see progress 😀

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