tulle pom pom how-to

i might’ve gone a little overboard and bought a WHOLE LOT of tulle.  we’re talking MILES of tulle here, people.  this little project today uses 14 entire feet of it.  i might need to make a few (dozen) more. =D

little puffy balls!  here’s how.

the tulle i have is about 6″ wide.  i cut 1 piece of each color to measure about 2 feet (actually, 2x the width of my laptop, if you want to be exact)

i folded each piece in half, and cut down the middle.  now you have 2 strips to make 2 ballies.

i’m an eyeballer and a pretty good cutter, so i didn’t measure i just hacked at it.   it doesn’t have to be exact, i promise.

unfold each piece and do a running stitch all the way down the middle.  again, don’t be terribly exact, don’t freak if it meanders a little.

pull the tulle tight on the tread and it’ll start to resemble what you want the end product to look like:

take the 2 long ends and tie a tight knot.  trim the ends – if you’re going to tie it to something, leave a long tail.  if you’re going to string them, trim the tails way down.

to make the little bunting, poke a threaded needle through the center of each one to put them on a line.  squoosh em together, push them apart, stick em in a bowl, they are SO CUTE!

i want to make enough to roll around in them.  heavens knows i have enough tulle!

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5 Comments on “tulle pom pom how-to”

  1. yoboseiyo Says:

    they’re like fluffy like tribbles made of netting. 😀

  2. o-no Says:

    so very cheerful and bright!!! love them….

  3. o-no Says:

    oh, pom pom very cute but i want tutu!!!

  4. gamzesari21 Says:

    wow,that’s nice…like a fairytale if colours are romantic!=)
    but also,I love the colours that u used..
    and thanks to share how to do it,I’m sure I’ll try soon!
    I just found your blog!and love it.=)

  5. queenvanna Says:

    i’m gonna need a tutorial and a list of needed supplies if we’re making tutus.

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