easy homemade donuts

it is borderline-crazy how free i feel, now that my summer has started.  beanie still has another 2 weeks of kindergarten, but with preschool over, there just seems to be a lot less go go going.  this afternoon babycakes and i made easy-peasy donuts.

it doesn’t get any easier unless you get in the car and drive to dunkin donuts.

premade fridge biscuits – roll em out round-ish

poke a hole in them with a round cookie cutter

they might’ve been a little more uniform if there wasn’t a 4 year old helping me, but they’re tastier cuz she helped.

drop em in hoooooot oooooil.  just about 10 seconds on each side should do.  they go quick!

then flip em out onto a paper towel to cool

we glazed the big ones with a mixture of powdered sugar and milk, then sprinkled… umm, sprinkles on them.

and babycakes powdered the holes – they’re a little… uh, handled, but she doesn’t mind.

a pretty afternoon snack

my assistant approves!


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One Comment on “easy homemade donuts”

  1. you are a genius, queen vanna! GE. NI. US.!!!

    (yes, fish love doughnuts!)

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