party on…

decorated some basic black pens, and now they’re CUTE! 

sassy!  makes me want to write stuff!

this week we celebrated the retirement of a beloved preschool teacher after 35 years teaching at our school.  i’m overwhelmed with thanks for that sweet lady.  what in the world CAN you say after 35 years?  nothing seems like enough.  i’m so happy she was there for both my girls.  now they’re extra-sweet, and smarty pants, too. 

and now that my obligations at preschool are complete, i’m ready for a little celebrating myself.

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One Comment on “party on…”

  1. Tina Says:

    Are the pens for the U of Alabama college store? Cute. Donuts look yummy. What is the treat with the mini marshmellow and sprinkles at the other end?

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