which way up?

i’m expecting an order of 300 large clothespins any day now.  hooray!  woohoo!  but the order i purchased them for did not come to be.  *ugh*  so i’m planning a giant clothespin blowout in a few weeks.  but i have a question.

i usually make them like the pink one – design on the pinched part, so it’ll stand up and display a picture or recipe card or whatever.  but at craft shows, it seems like 9 times out of 10, people pick them up and immediately flip it upside down (upside down to me) like it’s hanging laundry on a line.  then i explain why i make them the way i do, and many times they get it.  then the ones that don’t get on my nerves by saying it should be the other way.

tell me – which way is up to you, the pink way, or the yellow way?

EDITED TO ADD:  does this change your mind at all?


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8 Comments on “which way up?”

  1. Ashley Says:

    I get what you’re saying.. but I think the flip flops should be facing up like the yellow one.

  2. Christy Says:

    let me just mention that these are HUGE clothespins…and so…the most logical way is the pink paper way with the flip flops facing up…becuase what would you have that you would need a clothespin THIS BIG to face the other way?

  3. we took a vote! we say the pink! (though with flip flops it could go either way, since they are, well. flip flops. they have no heads or right way up, when they are not on human feets.)

  4. Julie F Says:

    I like your original way best, but you could place the flip flops sideways and possibly make everyone happy? Hahaha – there I go being “crooked” again!

  5. April Says:


  6. Susan W. Says:

    Pink me think!

  7. Tina Says:

    I like them the way you put them as the open end is wider and makes more sense that it’s the end to be standing on the table.

  8. yori Says:

    Pink makes sense to me… but the customer *is* always right. Have some not glued, with a stash of decorations for those who want to use them on a line. Smile, thank them… then roll your eyes on your way to the bank. =)

    [i know, i KNOW… then you won’t have the cute sunglasses or clips with purple paper… insert more eye-rolling here]

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