re-made crayons, test run #1

mother nature played a cruel joke on us this april 1st, we woke up to a layer of fresh snow and temps in the 30s.  i have a thing or 2 i’d like to tell mother nature.  anyway…  i made crayons today!

the preschool is having a spaghetti supper next week and we like to have a kids table to keep the little ones entertained while the grown ups visit.  some years the teachers or parents have some grand craft project, but we just don’t have the … *something* this year…  this part’s gonna be a little more self-lead and for the kids to explore on their own.  you like that??  instead of saying something like “we just don’t have the time or energy this year” (which is not *really* the case), i changed it to how it’s helpful to the kids!  like i was a teacher back-in-the-day or something!!  i almost know what i’m talking about!!  so the kids can draw and color while the moms and dads chill.

this little project started with much crayon paper carnage, and almost with the loss of my fingertip.  don’t try this at home, kids!

then the hacking of the actual crayons…

at the end, it was like i had murdered a pinata.

i got a special cupcake tin just for the project, i do not care for waxy cupcakes….

they’re mmmeeeellllting….  i argued with myself about whether the off-brand would do just as well as the crayola brand, and in the end, my cheapness and proximity to any sort of crayons won out and i got the off-brand.  tonight on my way to work i’m going to get some crayolas, because the wax separated from the color on these and one side is all wax and no color.  fine for now i suppose, but i know that would frustrate the crap out of me if i was a little kid.  i’ll make a batch of good ones, too.

i thought this one was particularly cool – camouflage!

and of course, it wouldn’t be me these days without a rainbow set…

you can see the separation here:

hopefully the kids will think they are fun and enjoy some craftiness.

babycakes enjoyed the trial-run!


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3 Comments on “re-made crayons, test run #1”

  1. April Says:

    Forget using them… I’d slap a magnet or a pin on the back and use them in my studio!

  2. o-no Says:

    they really are almost too cute to use!!!

  3. theladybird Says:

    what temp did you melt them in the oven on?

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