valentine wreath

though my recent blog posts would point to the contrary, i have been doing things outside of the kitchen. =)

i made this wreath from a styrofoam circle and a whole buncha cupcake papers.

i  folded the cupcake papers in half or fourths and hot glued them in a random fashion.  strange story – i can never find my glue gun.  i’ll look everywhere and i can never find it.  i’ll get to the point that i’ll just go buy a new one.  and three minutes after i get home i’ll find it.  i own 4 glue guns and i don’t know where any of them are.

fold and glue, fold and glue…

i’d still like to add a sassy little something to it, and i’m waiting for hunny to put a hole in the plaster wall to hang it, but it is very cute just sitting in the window waiting for it’s permanent home.

kinda makes me wanna make a batch of cupcakes…

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One Comment on “valentine wreath”

  1. Modern June Says:

    totally freaking cute!

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