Happy new year and all that good stuff.  I got nuthin’ over here.  We loved all the holidays, and Christmas is just about all put away, except the tree that needs to go to the curb, but hunny doesn’t seem to be in an enormous hurry to get it out, so there it sits…. hogging up precious toy-storage space and making me edgy…  i’m not spending much time in the livingroom, it’s annoying me that. much.

i did some baking today…

cheesecake squares for a party tomorrow…

and prep for weekend cakeballs.

this girl:

my baby… is getting too big.  as i started typing this, the whole gang (well, the 2 of them) got in trouble for being fresh to each other and are currently sitting near the naughty seat… NEAR it, because there’s christmas tree lights ON it at the moment.  so even if she LOOKS big, she’s still just 4 years old.  and i’m ready to put the holidays away.

looking forward to 2011.

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2 Comments on “Next”

  1. Elle Says:

    love her pants!

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