yarn wreath ornaments

loooook at this amazingly cute and mostly easy and fab tutorial over at ChristopherAndTia.  Miss Tia’s got it going ON, and i wanted to try a few myself!!

i thought the red and white would be my favorite:

but then there was the green, red and white:

and then a variety of combos of red, white, green and turquoise.  LOVE THEM ALL!!

i told beanie that she could pick one for each of her bus drivers and for her teachers and one for her bestie friend tomorrow before she went to school and we’d wrap them up for her to give…  i had to go out for a while tonight, and left all the supplies out, not thinking anything of it.  the girls really have always left my stuff alone, they know it’s “mama’s toys” and they ask before they touch anything…  hunny wandered away for a few minutes and when he returned to the livingroom, the little one was holding a ball of yarn while beanie was getting ready to cut a length.  he watched as they prepped an ornament, and LOOK AT WHAT MY 5 1/2 YR OLD FIGURED OUT BY HERSELF…

she used scotch tape to end them because she doesn’t know how to tie a knot.  she did a really good job!!  we’ll have a talk tomorrow about OMG,DON’TTOUCHMYSTUFFWITHOUTASKING…  but i *am* kinda proud that she’d just go ahead and DO this.  a fun project for everyone!!

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2 Comments on “yarn wreath ornaments”

  1. Debbie B. Says:

    Like mama . . . like beanie!

  2. Tina Says:

    She inherited your creative gene!

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