they’re not all winners…

it seemed easy enough… line up candies on a cookie sheet, heat them til they’re kinda squooshy and jam a stick in em.  WA-LA! peppermint lollipops!

but no.

don’t line em up too close or you’ll end up with peppermint candy lace… or something.

look how freakin’ festive i am, with my snowman trivet and sheet of flat peppermint candies!

before and after. =/ i’m not pleased.  i tinkered with the temp, i tinkered with the time, i did not have much luck.

i got *1* that was close to what i wanted, but the red separated from the white, and they looked like little suns.  what. the. heck?  this project has me talking. like. william. shatner! *GAH!*

i’m gonna keep trying, i bought a bag of 500 candies (no, i am sadly not exagggggarating.)  i will not let it win.  i will (eventually) prevail.  i hope.

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3 Comments on “they’re not all winners…”

  1. yori Says:

    Horsies like peppermint… maybe you can put them to good use. If only you knew a place that had alot of horses…

  2. Debbie B. Says:

    Wait . . . are those hard peppermint candies? Like hard, hard . . .

  3. queenvanna Says:

    Yep! Like hard hard candies. I tried again w the same results. Not pretty.

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