holiday party

back when i had a full-time-career-y type job, it seems like we’d have like 45 holiday parties every year.  one for management, one for staff, one for the clients in the house, one at the day program, the secret santas, the hugger muggers… lots and lots of holiday celebrating.  it was easy to be in the spirit, it was e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. 

the first year i stayed home with beanie, i was just a couple months pregnant with babycakes, and i was exhausted and a little more than a  little overwhelmed.  the holidays were fun, but they just felt a little off.  then i realized, the professional festivities were missing.  the companies i worked for were very interested in making staff feel appreciated, and one agency had a staff appreciation week.  we’d have a luncheon or an activity (ever played whirlyball?  bumper cars and whiffle balls and jailai handle thingies and basketball backboards!! WOO!!)  ), they’d offer little prizes or gift cards.  it was swell.

now that i stay home with the girls, i see no reason to not still have a little appreciation.  back when they napped, i’d put the girls down to rest, and i’d have chinese for lunch and listen to christmas carols or watch a holiday movie one afternoon in december.  now that queenvanna contributes a little to out household (just a little, but still…) and the girls don’t nap (darnit), i’ve started to include the whole family in my celebration.  last night we had our “annual company christmas party” at olive garden:

that little one, she can eat a whole basket of breadsticks.

after some extra driving around cuz i was talking and missed the exit, we went to Forest Park to see the Bright Nights lights.

i like whoville best.

it was a quiet night at the park, not a lot of cars, it was snowing, it was lovely.  i think the staff had a good time, and they’re all looking forward to a little more holiday appreciation!

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One Comment on “holiday party”

  1. Evelyn Says:

    Awww, I miss forest park! I think we’ll go there when we visit this week. 🙂

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