about what comes next.

craft show today was crazy-insane.  so many people…. but not a lot of buying.  i smiled and played nice allll day.  and yet, i sold as much online this weekend as i did being tied up in person all day.  so, there’s that.  i’ve decided i’m taking at least next year off from this particular show, it’s such a drag having to get up at 4:30a, load up, drive an hour, unload and set up and make pleasanteries all day long to hundreds of people and not have too much of a pay off.  this show might actually be too big,  what to do, what to do?

for tonight, it’s a couple of advil, a cup of tea and maybe a cookie or 2.

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One Comment on “thinking…”

  1. MandyJo Says:

    Yeah. I say forget that. You obviously have much more patience than I.

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