casual monday-sunday.

the day started out with such great potential.  we were right on schedule, we had a plan.  then something unexpected happened.  nothing terrible, but something not-too-super-great and something that added a lot of work to my life.  and hunting down papers and people and people with papers and screwdrivers.  this put a crimp in my day.  a 4 hour crimp.  it turned in to the kind of day where i look up and it’s suddenly 4p.m. and i haven’t planned dinner.  hunny knows about these days, cuz i call him and say “if you stop and get a chicken on the way home, we will have chicken to eat.”  otherwise, it’s a bowl of cheerios.  tonight, there was chicken. =)

we live a VERY casual life around here.  if i’m home, i’m wearing jammie pants.  i figure i’m climbing around on the floor with the girls and doing laundry and standing around… why not be comfortable?  i do shower daily and wear clean jammie pants, but sometimes i feel like i have to say something to hunny like “i really did get dressed today.”  then once he’s home and can tell that i really WAS pulled together at some point during the day, i pull my hair back.  i’ve been growing it out for a few months now, and i can do a little more than just swipe it up on the top of my head.  today was a day i didn’t even change out of my jeans til just now at 7p.m., a rarity.  but i did just swipe my hair back:

seck-say!  here’s hoping there aren’t too many more days like this coming up!

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