omg, there’s new mayhem.  i LOVE mayhem.  Holiday Mayhem Click and enjoy.  HOT!  Then come back and we’ll talk about other things i love.  “my scent? is like making love to a lumberjack…”

so…. what else do i love? 

right now, starbucks peppermint mochas:

i’d like to drink them til they eat a hole in my tongue, and wait a minute, maybe i have!

i love that i had to take 2 trips into the post office today, with 9 boxes.

lately i feel like all my work has been worth it.  i’m almost at the point where i can’t keep up, and i love that.

i love that my family is amazing.  tonight we all went for the big girl’s first kindergarten conference.  we heard everything we already knew: she’s really smart and well prepared and a little hesitant but mostly super-awesome.  the teacher gave us a list of sight-words that they’ll be working on this year, and the hubs passed the paper to her as we were getting in to the car.  she was going down the list (she got more than 1/2 of them) and the little one pipes up: “read them faster so we can GO, please.” and rolls her eyes.  she’s teh funneh, that one.  (i’d put a picture here, but i haven’t taken any of the girls in the while. for SHAME.)  and i love that the hubs tolerated the school book fair and helped the girls pick books.  that was adorable.

and good grief, i love that it’s the 22nd, and the month is almost over.  NaBloPoMo hasn’t been as hard as in past years, but as you can probably tell, i don’t have much to tell you.  my days are very much the same.  i love it, but wash, rinse, repeat, zzzz….. BORING!  (NaBloPoMo = National Blog Posting Month, blog post a day for the whole month)

hey!  didja know that i loves some craigyferg?  hello there, scottishconanguy.

it would appear that he loves the starbucks too. 

and in closing, seriously, couldn’t we all use a little more Mayhem?

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