yeah, i’ve got nuthin’…

so i’ll tell you about my plans for the morning.  tomorrow, i reclaim my livingroom.  it’s turned into a playroom.  i don’t mind that entirely, it’s a great space for the girls to have their toys and desks and crafts and puzzles, but there’s no room for the grownups any more.  during the day, there’s nowhere for me to sit and visit or snuggle cuz there’s my little ponies or barbies or whatever all over the couches.  and in a week or two, there will be no room for the christmas tree…  so tomorrow, i’m gonna make some space.  big plans, big plans.

this of course means i’m gonna have to whip the girls’ room into shape, finish putting the summer clothes away, make room for a barbie house and kitchen set… i think the girls will enjoy it, but *ooof* i’ve got some tearing apart to do first.  hope i’m not eaten alive by a giant dust bunny.  hopefully tomorrow i can report back as to what a success it all was, pictures included, but for tonight, i will just have to dream.  and rest up.

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