holiday business

so that ambition last night?  gonna clear out my house and make it lovely and livable?  it didn’t happen. 😉 

but with good reason, i say.  i was fortunate enough to be listed in the “Etsy Finds” email yesterday, and business picked way up for the past 30 hours or so.  i spent a large portion of my day weeding through orders and packing things up to go to the post office in the a.m.

since this time, i’ve added 3 more boxes to the pile, and gotten 2 more custom requests.  so, yay for my messy house!

and a few more calendars got their pieces all together:

i sure hope there’s just a smudge on my lense, i’m not sure what that white spot’s about…

and i made a couple more of this design in the christmas countdown calendar, it’s a popular one.  but once these are gone, that’s it for the big circles, it was a challenge to get this paper.

it would be ok if i didn’t get any more order tonight, i ran out of packing tape.  i’m usually very well prepared, but this is about a week’s worth of business in one day.  a trip to Staples is on the adgena for tomorrow!  and maybe i’ll weed through the livingroom, too.

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