loud music

i’ve said before that when i’m in the car alone, i like to listen to a.m. radio because i like to hear grown ups talk… but lately that has changed… i don’t know if it’s because it’s been a voting year and all i hear are political commercials, or my tollerance for bullshit has been kicked down a notch, but i just can’t stand the screaming any more.  AND my new car has satellite radio, so i have more (better?) music stations to choose from.

we had a quiet a.m. at home today, no preschool, kindergarten in the p.m., no errands… just quiet.  ahhhh….  we can’t have quiet.  we need some loud.  i like to have the voices in my head drounded out (i can’t figure out how to spell that word).  i cranked up some of the DAYS worth of music i have stored on this little laptop and wondered what everyone else listens to when they want LOUD music.

i asked my facebook friendies.  there were lots that didn’t surprise me, the Ozzy and Metallica, the Beastie Boys and Pearl Jam…  and i was happy to see that showtunes were represented, as well as the Top Gun soundtrack.  though that “take my breath away” makes me wanna bang my head on the counter.  i do NOT like lovesongs.  i also do not like country music.  in my real life, i hate lamenting, i can’t stand forlorn-iness.  it’s not productive, i have no patience for it.  let’s all just be mildly stressed and cussy, ok?

sometimes when i have to go to a professional meeting (admittedly there are very few of those these days), or some sort of wholesome crunchy gathering, i like to listen to loud rawk-ous music on the way.  i love to pull up listening to Queen or Aerosmith on full blast.  kinda my “you can’t tame me, man” flip of the finger.  i know no one cares, it just makes me smile.  i like pretending that i have a little wild streak.

at craft shows, i plug one earbud in and listen to my mp3 player.  sometimes people ask what i’m listening to, expecting christmas carols or something sweet, and i want to answer black eyed peas, the NON-radio edit.  i do love songs with lots of swearing…  but clever swearing… with a purpose.  it’s hard to explain.  fergie swearing.  love it.  also, CHEESE.  i LOVES the cheese.  Copa Cabana?  On my top 10 best songs of all time list.  and Barry White is the MAN.

so anyway, here is the playlist i had this a.m. in my kitchen while packaging etsy orders (keeping in mind my childrunz were running free and i kinda had to watch the language. dammit.)  :

Whatever Lola Wants – Sarah Vaughn

Take Your Mama Out – Scissor Sisters

Supermodel – Ru Paul

You Can’t Stop the Beat – Hairspray Soundtrack

Smack My Bitch Up – Prodigy (the girls were upstairs playing) =)

One Night in Bankok – Murray Head

Fell in love with a Boy – Joss Stone

Plastic Jesus – Mojo Nixon

Duran Duran – White Lines

Tori Amos – Cornflake Girl (my dad used to get this stuck in his head, and it would make me NUTS that he’d sing it. )

with all the crappy music that’s floating around out there right now, i had forgotten that there’s some awesome stuff, too.  you might not think my choices are that awesome, but i’d love to hear what you listen to.  and listen to LOUDLY.

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One Comment on “loud music”

  1. April Says:

    Well… today I had blasting the Jonas L.A. Soundtrack, Phineas and Ferb – Summer Belongs to You Soundtrack, and some Selena Gomez & The Scene.

    You may take my adult card now.

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