on or off, no in between

i worked like a crazy person this weekend.  i got so much accomplished friday and saturday.

i made 20 calendars!

then i woke up early this a.m. with the time change and planned to have a few minutes to myself… no such luck, the whole family followed me downstairs.  it was a long, long morning.  i did get the wild idea to treck over to target to look for something specific on halloween clearance… i didn’t find that thing, but i found 200 smackers worth of other stuff.  a coat and snowpants for the little one, snow boots and pajamas for the big one, stocking stuffers, clearance holiday stickers…  AND a peppermint mocha from the starbucks in the store.  and that was all i did today.  tomorrow starts another week, full of tasks and errands and obligations.  it’s gonna be a fun one, but for tonight there’s nothing else.  i’m all done.

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2 Comments on “on or off, no in between”

  1. lindsay Says:

    These look so great – I found your blog from flickr. Are you using stamps/stickers/rub ons or vinyl letters/numbers for your numbers and months? I’ve been making these too and I can’t figure out what method is best.

  2. queenvanna Says:

    thank you for the nice compliment. i am using die cuts for the numbers and ink for the months. every now and then i change it up, but for consistency i mostly go with what i’ve got.

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