my 16 year old self

yesterday there was a meme going around twitter #tweetyour16yearoldself and i spent some time reading what people would say… then i asked my facebook friends what they would say.  a whole slew of people that i knew in highschool answered – that was interesting because i *knew* those people when they were 16.

a lot of the answers boiled down to “you think you know it all, but just wait.”  at 16, i did know it all… about being 16.  the only advice i’d had for myself was CHILL.  i studied hard, i worked hard, i played a lot.  i was a good girl, but i spent a lot of time playing.  i was a smarty and didn’t think i needed to go to class.  i was truant a LOT.  and i did a fair share of lamenting. lamenting over boys, lamenting over grades, lamenting over OTHER boys…  ohhh, the teenage angst.  it was intense.  i coulda chilled a little.  it was an awesome time.

i beg to differ with Michelle, who advised herself against the perm.  i rocked a perm. 

in these pics, i think i’m actually 17, but eh, what’s a few months here or there?

i learned to tapdance in highschool.  i was doing timesteps out in my driveway the other day waiting on the schoolbus.  there’s a LOT more jiggling these days. a’flap-step-stomp… maybe i should tell my 16 year old self to step off the oreos.

i’m very much the same person i was then, with a little less lamenting, or when i do lament, it’s about 36 year old things.  so i guess other than CHILL, my only other advice would be to just be yourself.  that’s the best you can be.  and step off the cookies.

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