a pile here, a pile there…

i spend a lot of my time during the day standing at my kitchen counter… preparing meals, moving piles of stuff, working on crafts… i work on my crafts in the kitchen because i know i need to clean it all up when i’m done, i can’t leave all that stuff there.  today i’m beat.  i have laryngitis so we are sticking close to home.  quietly.  i’ve moved production to the diningroom, which really, houses all of my works in progress anyway.  i need to put some stuff away, but i can’t get up out of this seat…

much to do, much to do.  sometimes i think i should find a less messy endeavour….  but this is so much fun.

and if someone could go reheat that cup of tea for me, that would be awesome.

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One Comment on “a pile here, a pile there…”

  1. Tina Says:

    Sending well wishes.

    My kitchen table looks like that when I’m working on things. One of the joys of just sharing the house with a dog is that I can leave the mess and leave one small, clear area so I can sit there to eat or do crafts.

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