uh oh…

i always seem to get the plague in november.   the past couple of years, i’ve felt like crap on thanksgiving.  this year, the plague has come early.  the events of the past couple of weeks have worn me down and  plague is settling in.  this afternoon i’m taking the little one to the library for books and movies and to pick up chinese takeout for dinner, and i’m getting under a blanket on the couch and not getting up til the morning.  that’s a lie, the couch bit, but doesn’t it sound nice? ahhhh….

i spent this a.m. parent helping at preschool.  little girl has some great kids in her class, and i cannot say enough wonderful things about her teachers.  the things they do with and for these kids…. they’re amazing ladies.

i supervised the kids making windows for houses they had previously painted.  i don’t know if the teachers didn’t know i was coming, or if they thought i might need a break, but usually, it’s “OOOH, vanessa’s coming, let’s have her paint children’s feet!  or paint their hands! or roll them in shaving cream and glitter!!”  it seems like a lot of the time i am there for the crazy insane messy stuff.  which i don’t mind, *at all*, but today was nice. =)

during a quiet moment, i went around and took some pics of just things and stuff that we might use on our facebook page, and found these sitting on the counter…

doesn’t that look fun!?!?!  i’ve made these for myself before and oi, what a mess.

the kids spent a lot of time doing an awesome obstacle course, this teacher is known for her intricate and task-filled courses.  the kids LOVE em!  hopefully it wore little girl out enough that she wants to rest with mama on that couch today!

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