he also does windows.

i met my husband about the same time i met the girls in the previous post – and like the girls, i met my husband on the computer when the internet was a wee bitty-baby.  we talked online for more than 2 years before we ever met in person.  we went to the same college and even had a mutual friend.  we didn’t rush to meet because it was fun being annonymous and chatty, and i had a steady boyfriend one after another, and who knows what all was going on with him.

when we finally did meet in person, that was it.  i knew there’d be no one else ever again.  i didn’t vocalize that, because YIKES, but it’s been 15 1/2 years since our first date to see forrest gump in the college auditorium, and almost every day has been just as wonderful.  sometimes i marvel at how this actually happened.  for the first 8 years or so, we worked differing schedules.  we lived together for several years before we got married, but we’d go for days without seeing each other except when one of us was sleeping.  also, we are very different, the hubs and i.  i am the granola to his vanilla yogurt, the one crazy feather sticking on his jacket, the disco music on his quiet sunday morning.  poor guy.  sometimes he just wants to be left alone, and i’m all “OMG,I’VEGOTTHISGREATIDEAANDYOUHAVETOHELPME,


i’ve been in a sort of manic phase for a few weeks now, just so happy and lalalaaaaaa and loving my life.  of course, there are always things to work on, but i have realized that i am so blessed to have a husband who is amazing with our children, supportive of my crazies, my messes, my sleepless nights and sometimes short temper and and general excitedness. 

i outgrew my engagement and wedding bands when i was pregnant with the big girl, and i had put them away til i shrunk down.  i wore a substitution ring in their place.  a few weeks ago i decided that was bull, my rings are beautiful and life is too short to wear a substitution ring (and my knuckles aren’t going to shrink,  i have fat knuckles now).  he worked hard slinging restaurant food and programing programs (i’m still not sure what he does at work after all these years)  to buy those rings, so my rings are resized and i am wearing them proudly today.

big girl comparing her ring to mine.  i love this life.

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2 Comments on “he also does windows.”

  1. Christy Says:

    you my friend, are truly blessed. love & hugs to you ALL!! xox

  2. Sarah Says:

    Beautiful rings! Big girls, too. 🙂

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