i am the driver of my own bus, thank you.

i feel like i’ve been run over by a bus.  i stayed up FAR too late last night (3a.m.) for the lifestyle that i have.  this weekend was full of yay! and win! and woohoo! but oi, i can’t keep up this pace.  friday night was the night i have been looking forward to since august, seeing Craig Ferguson from the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson at the Mohegan Sun.  

it was the first time i’ve been out in a long time with my hunny, and he had been away for work all week, so it was a nice chance to spend some time with him.  and my tv boyfriend.  i think they both understand this relationship.  =)

we are adorable.

i had to have a discussion with security about my camera, certain ones were not allowed in and mine looks fancier than it is.  after a tense moment or 2, we were in.  (plus 3 points if you know the inside joke with the harmonica).  we saw karen and diane before the show, and lucky for them, their comped seats weren’t too much better than ours, so my threat of physical violence didn’t have to be followed through on.

craig was awesome.  i got a little extra giggly during a story about fabio on a rollercoaster at busch gardens vs. a canadian goose, there were constant laughs.

afterwards we met up with chuck and michelle and katie and ryan and i got to eat some krispy kreme donuts.  i’m telling you, this night was out of some sort of dream.

it was a great night, and saturday was full of getting the family’s hair-did, our guy william takes such good care of us and is so amazing with the girls.   he helps us look awesome.  and work saturday night, that’s always fun… when i got home, i got some exciting news (can’t tell yet) so i was too psyched to sleep.  and that’s what’s gotten me here… almost laying completely flat on the couch praying for bedtime for everyone.  let’s do it again next weekend!

(here’s a link to a 2 minute movie i took at the show – warning:  it’s for grown ups that don’t mind grown men gyrating to pop music.  it’s RIGHT up my alley, but maybe not yours.  you’ve been advised.)  http://www.youtube.com/user/TheQueenvanna#p/u/0/j2mYP2ssglc

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2 Comments on “i am the driver of my own bus, thank you.”

  1. christy Says:

    i’m exhausted just reading this. oy…u make me tired! xox

  2. […] Craig’s Mohegan Sun show on Friday.  She has a page full of pictures from the show and also blogged about her […]

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