on being a grown up…

someone asked me to take pictures at their event on saturday.  i’m freaking out a little.  your husband’s boss’s second daughter only gets baptized once ya know.  YIKES. 

on any given day, this is what i look like:

new sneaks!  that’s not gonna fly for my husband’s boss’s 2nd daughter’s baptism.  i went out last night and got these:

and a black dress.  someone hold me, i’m scared.  you only fall down and break your ankle at your husband’s boss’s 2nd daughter’s baptism once.

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3 Comments on “on being a grown up…”

  1. Kristen Says:

    You’ll do great! Just take the shots that you’d want to have of your own kids baptism day. Can’t wait to see the fantastic images you create!

  2. Sherrie` Says:

    I LOVE the shoes! the heel isn’t too bad, and I know you’ll do an awesome job… I mean God will handle the details – you just do the best you can girl!

  3. Debbie Says:

    You’ll do fine, I’m sure! :0)

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