i don’t think i’ve ever had to type the word “debacle”.

hi there!  remember me?  busy busy and all that.  yeah.  i’m here now!

i’ve got a 2 day craft show coming up this weekend, and this is my most ambitious show to date.  two full days!  woo!  today i started working on a rough setup to be sure i had enough stuff and my displays were well… displayed.  i think i need another table.  but that’s not where i’m going with this.  here’s how it looked a little while ago:

like i said, it’s rough, and there’s another table and a ladder display that go along with it.  i went inside to get a few more things and i hear a huge *CLANG* outside.  that cookie sheet with the magnets on it blew over.  i pick em all up and stick em to the pan and realize that some magnets are missing.  i peek through the cracks, and sure enough, there’s like 10 magnets down there on the ground. 

remember this guy under my deck this spring?

i remember thinking at the time “man, that can’t be comfy.  and that guy is nearly 70 years old.”  you’ve seen me, i’m not a small girl.  and at the moment, i’m not the most physically fit.  and my magnets are under the center of my deck. grrr….  i’m wandering around wondering how to fashion a fishing pole with another magnet and maybe a string… or a pole… or send the little one under…

i got new magnets (just in time for the show!  how convenient!) and here’s what i came up with:

i’m so crafty!

the stick is not terribly long, but it’s all i’ve got.  and under i went, big cussing bootie and all.  i had to get all the way under there, and it would’ve been my luck that would be the time the UPS man came around the corner to deliver something i’ve been waiting for him to bring.  or my sweet sweet neighbor came to say hello.  lucky for me, i didn’t have to be under there very long.  if it happens again, i’m leaving em under there and calling it a loss.

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4 Comments on “i don’t think i’ve ever had to type the word “debacle”.”

  1. Are you doing the Simsbury show? I’m on their mailing list, but I’m not doing it this year. Not coordinated to manage making things for a show and doing schoolwork.

    The deck story is priceless. And I’m totally with you leaving them to rot should they fall down there again. 🙂

  2. queenvanna Says:

    yeo, it’s the simsbury show on iron horse blvd. i’ve been a couple times to shop, never as a vendor. i’m excited, but antsy/worried…

  3. Tina Says:

    Now a picture of that would have made an interesting scrapbook page!!!!!

  4. Jenn Says:

    This is when having small children comes in handy. Just bribe them with something they want and they usually will do just about anything.

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