farm living…

orchard living, really.  i love the idea of living on an orchard… growing fruit, growing veggies, collecting honey… except it’s hot in the summertime.  and muggy.  and there’s bugs.  and dirt.  so i guess i’ll have to settle for visiting the orchard.  =)

and holy blazes, it’s hot at the orchard in august.  but sunflower maze was really neat!

holy fark, you should really pay attention to where you are going!  and that’s super hard when you’ve got a 3 and a 5 year old saying “whichwaynow? thisway? i’mgonnaleadyouthisway.c’monthisway.don’tstopmamalet’sgo.”  and look! sunflowers!  let’s take pictures!

and bees.  lots and lots of bees.  but don’t be afraid.  like the camp counselor told the girls “bugs are our friends”  and babycakes told her “i don’t want to play with them, i want to squoosh them!” eh, the bees were there.  nothing to freak about, they didn’t bother us, they were very busy with the flowers.  and having their pictures made.

and then i realize, oh darnit, where are we?  i think we’ve been this way before.  are we in the tail?  the letter O??  at one point we had a lady with a toddler and a baby in a carriage following us.  i warned her that i get lost coming home from work some days.  with a gps.  she stopped following soon after.  the girls found a pair of flip flops someone had abandoned.  we eventually said the preschool equivelent of “eh, screw it” and found the entrance again to get out.  next time i’ll pack the cellphone and some flairs.

we did not pick our own, but there were our own to be picked…  pears and apples:

pear tree  apple tree

and lucky, lucky us, a carmel apple walnut pie followed us home!  we’ll definately go back in the fall to pick some apples and feed the ducks (and get another pie).  it was a fun summer day.

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One Comment on “farm living…”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Beautiful pictures! Your stories always make me smile.

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