another day, another beach

we’ve been to the beach a handful of times this summer – the girls enjoy digging in the sand and getting their feet wet in the water.  today we went to lighthouse point in new haven, and this might be their new favorite spot.  the sand is a little rough (murder on the pedicure), and we stayed at the splashpad for all of 30 seconds – too many big kids and crazy little kids (they have little patience for children their own ages), but they loved that the ocean waves were small, and we found a spot with a teeny tiny sandbar.  they certainly have more confidence since they started swim lessons, i had a hard time getting them out of the water.

another reason it’s babycake’s favorite is something she saw in the distance…. can you see it?!?

look really close!

she thought it was a PIRATE SHIP!

that made her little day, because as i’m sure you know, she wants to be a pirate.  she’s very pirate-curious.

watching them play, i was a little sad that we live more than an hour away from this spot, they really are ocean girls… and we live in a very farm-y area –  horses, goats, cows, vegetables….  do i see a cottage on the beach in our future?  a mama can dream…

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