2 funny babycakes stories

… babycakes… she’s the little one.  and she is very funny.  she’s even funny when she’s not trying to be.  1st story is from earlier this week:

we are playing restaurant/tea party at my mom’s house.  babycakes is the waitress.  she asks my mom what she would like, and my mom orders a lobster roll platter.  a few minutes later, babycakes comes back all flustered and offers grammie the plate of fake food.  “there you go, grammie, there’s your crab bread.”  crab bread… lobster roll… same thing.  almost.  kinda.

today she was rummaging around for a snack in the pantry.  things are kinda slim-pickins, we’re eating a lot of fruit lately.  she found a box of peanut butter cracker packs i’d been planning to bring to work to add to the snackies we keep, but she begged and begged for a little package out of the box.  she sat at the table in the kichen and i had my back to her peeling potatoes.  “mom?” she starts, “i did not like these crackers, so i just ate the corners and saved you the middle.”

she’s a funny one, that babycakes.

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One Comment on “2 funny babycakes stories”

  1. Tina Says:

    Does eating around the corners make them taste better? Adorable!

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