beachy keen

went to the beach today, took some pics, thought about how lucky i am to be in the situation i’m in.

 the water was chilly, so we played in the sand for close to 2 hours.

it was soft and not rocky at all, and the tiny bits clung to everything.


the girls are finally at an age where i’m not terribly nervous that they’ll run head-long into the water, so i had time to actually sit and enjoy the beautiful day.

rocky neck has some great spots with weathered paint.  i made my children stand and/or sit near all of it. (icecream is a great incentive.)

(sit there and don’t break your neck, please.)

i love these stairs – we took pics here last year, too.

they got antsy after a while, so i was looking for ways to entertain them.  told ’em to do some ballet.

then the  icecream was purchased and eaten, and on the way out, i saw this.

and knew it was time to go.

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5 Comments on “beachy keen”

  1. Tina Says:

    Love the picture of the girls on the steps – so cute.

  2. christy Says:

    u need to give up ur day job & become a photo-grapher…these pics are just too precious for words…i am in awe!

  3. queenvanna Says:

    meh. being a photo-grapher is WAY too much hard work.
    but can i be a total jerk and flaunt myself for justaminute? i am very proud that i did not crop/enhance/change these photos at all. they are SOTC (straight out of the camera!) or is it SOOC (straight out of camera) or whatever. i took these pics and that’s it. =p

  4. christy Says:

    well babe…you gots talent! and the prettiest girls ev-ah!!!

  5. these photos are stunning. Just so gorgeous- the girls are growing like flowers- the promise of ice cream always gets the job done! 🙂

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