new curtain

our spare bedroom has been a work in progress for almost 4 years.  last year we did a big push and peeled wallpaper, added wain scoting, painted and got a lot of the extra crap out.   with the wain scoting, there wasn’t really a place to hang a full length mirror other than inside the closet door…  but with guests, they don’t really need to see the boxes of office supplies and vhs tapes.  what to do? what to do?

i sewed a curtain!  i don’t really sew because it requires a LOT of ironing and i’m not really interested in that… but i might do a little more – look how cute!

i’m gonna call this a work in progress, i think i’ll move the tension rod down so the curtain reaches the floor, then make a little banner or bunting to go in the space at the top.  i’ve just gotta come up with an idea…

something fun and fruity…

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4 Comments on “new curtain”

  1. Mishelle Says:

    What an excellent idea! Now you can still have a full-length mirror AND the wain scotting, but your closet area maintains some privacy. Love it! Great work!

  2. Tina Says:

    Good idea but do you think they’ll peek behind the cute curtain? I think your shelves look very neat and organized. Love the wainscoting and light blue for the walls.

  3. queenvanna Says:

    tina – i’m not worried about anyone peeking, there’s not much to hide… but i don’t want it constantly reminding me of the disaster in there =)

    when it’s done, i think this will be my favorite room in my house.

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