fun for the kiddies

just 16 short hours after the tummy bug got ahold of the big girl, she is feeling mostly better and ready for some easter time fun!


the little one says “i feel great, bring it on!”

the past couple of years i’ve put designs on the eggs with white crayon before i give them to the girls to color – it adds a little something, and is a cute surprise for them, but it’s one less step (and less mess for mom, ya gotta give me that!). 


i also didn’t have vinegar – poor planning and i am up-to-the-last-minute lately,  so i used white wine vinegar – extra stinky, but i guess it did the job.   the turquoise ones are my favorite, so bright and fun!


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One Comment on “fun for the kiddies”

  1. Tia Says:


    Eeewww stomach bugs. Thats something I’m not looking forward to come school time. My kids stay home with me moest of the time, so we don’t really ever get sick. I’m horrified at the thoughts of it though, eek.

    We’re coloring our eggs tomorrow, for the first time 🙂 I need to remember to hard boil them tonight. Seems like something that I’ll most likely forget, haha.

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